Casino Games Hods and Return to Player (RTP) Percentage.

If you are fairly new to the world of casino games, you might not know that each casino game has different winning odds. Unless you took time to read up on this matter or have visited your fair share of casinos, you might spend your first night at a casino checking each game to find the best odds for you. If you pick a casino with great odds, your night will be full of entertainment and great payouts. Pick the wrong casino and you might come to regret your adventure.

We will try to help you understand which games offer the best odds and which games you should stay away from, because before you enter any casino, it’s good to know which games will suit your particular style of playing and which games tend to favour the casino more than others.

Casino Games with the Best Odds




Video Poker.


Scratch Cards.

1. Blackjack - 99.87%

Unless you are highly familiar with the game, you might not know that blackjack offers players the highest likelihood to win. Players who follow basic blackjack strategies and learn the rules of the game to their benefit can easily cut down the house advantage. Blackjack might just be the only casino game where the player has a greater house edge over the casino if the player can learn to count cards, which gives them the best chance of winning.

Of course, this is a grey zone, since counting cards isn’t strictly illegal, but casinos will bring an end to your play as soon as they find out you’re counting cards. This means that, if you decide to do this, you need to be careful and not behave too obviously when doing it.

And while the game has the best odds, it also has the worst odds if a player decides not to follow basic strategy or the rules, or if players place bets with enormous house advantages, like the Insurance bet.

2. Video Poker - 98.78%

One should not talk about great odds in casino games without mentioning video poker, largely because there are many machines that will provide great winning chances. But even before you start playing video poker, you should inquire the odds of each machine video poker offers and go with the best odds for a large payout. Some machines offer 9/6 odds, which is basically a 9:1 payout for a Full House and a 6:1 for a Flush.

3. Baccarat - 98.06%

Some might consider baccarat to be an entirely fancy game that is very glamorous because of the show it puts on. But, baccarat is also a game with some of the best odds, which will give you a chance to leave the table with your pockets full of cash. In order to ensure you have the best odds, make sure you always bet on the banker, with a house advantage of about 1%.

Those who decide to go with the player’s odds will still have decent odds in the game. We highly recommend to avoid making tie bets, because those are the worst odds you will find at any casino. Also, avoid side bets in this game as well.

4. Craps - 97.52%

If you seek fast-paced action and large wins, look no further than a craps table. This game will have you returning to the casino if you are successful at it. Aside from being one of the most exciting games any casino can offer, it is also one of the games with the biggest chance for you to win.

Players are best advised to place their bets on ‘Don’t pass’, which has the best odds of winning. Bets on the player are way more fun and entertaining, but these bets are less favourable than the ‘Don’t pass’, mostly because those are a sure way to make money for the House. Another bet you should avoid is doubles. While this might make for a great payday if you can land it, the bank will take most of your money.

5. Slot Games - 97.09%

This particular casino game is both one of the best and the worst games you could choose to play when it comes to winning chances. There are online pokies games that provide fascinating bonus features with even more fascinating payouts, but most slot machine are designed to go against the player. Some even say that the shinier and prettier the slot machine, the slimmer your chances of winning. But you won’t know unless you give it a spin.

There is a way to increase your chances of winning by betting on the maximum number of lines. This ensures you have better odds with every spin, but also a chance to crack the progressive jackpot that some slots provide, which sometimes can be over $10,000,000.

Last Updated: January 15, 2019