POLi Casinos

There is something about using a more local payment method and catering exclusively towards the Ozzie/Kiwi market, POLi is uniquely designed with you in mind. It’s extremely user friendly, safe and accessible for all kinds of players.  They have a user charge capped at 1% and they are New Zealand’s leading payment option.

Who uses POLi? It is no secret that many people stay away from all sorts of internet purchases exactly because they are afraid their information might be compromised and their money could end up stolen. With POLi, there is no reason for any of those fears as you are protected at all times, never having to reveal any of that sensitive information.

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The simplicity and additional protection offered by this system make it a very attractive option for New Zealand players. Hence, in the table below, we bring you the selection of the best online casinos offering POLi as a banking method:

Brand Bonus Preview Info Visit
Logo of Lucky247 casino 500BonusLucky247 Homepage
POLi is one the best & safest banking methods available to KiwisLucky247 review
Logo of Jackpot City casino 1600BonusJackpot City NZ
Fund your account using POLi and keep your personal information safe & secureJackpot City review
Logo of 888 casino 1500Bonus888 NZ
As one of the biggest casinos online, 888 enables POLi as a convenient method for New Zealand players888 review
Logo of Betway casino 1000BonusBetway Homepage
Enjoy 400+ slots and dozens of table games funding your Betway account using POLiBetway review
Logo of Casino.com casino 3200BonusCasino.com NZ
Safe & reliable banking method: fund your Casino.com account without a credit cardCasino.com review
Logo of Casinoland casino 800BonusCasinoland NZ Home
POLi lets you jump straight into action while protecting your sensitive financial infoCasinoland review

Setting up a POLi Account: How to Use POLi?

The best thing about POLi payment system is that you don't need to set up an actual account to use it. There is no registration and no personal information required. When paying for something on the site that accepts POLi payments, be it an online POLi casino, a store, or something else, you will simply log in with your online banking information and all relevant details will be auto-filled using the info from your bank.

The whole idea of POLi came from the fact that there are people who simply don't like using their credit cards online or, in some cases, at all. They are afraid for the safety of their information and don't feel comfortable sharing sensitive data on the world wide web. Whether these concerns are sometimes unfounded or not is a debate for a different time. The fact remains that there was a large group of people that needed a different access to online payments and POLi offered an alternative.

So, to summarize, unlike with PayPal or Skrill, you do not need to create a separate POLi account and fill it up with your banking details. The system works with several major banks in New Zealand and Australia and all you need to use it is your online banking info.

Depositing to a POLi Casino: Step by Step Guide

If you've first come across this payment system, you may be wondering how it all works. How exactly do you deposit to a POLi casino and how simple or complex the entire process is? Although it may seem a bit confusing at first, this online payment system is, luckily, very simple to use and once you see it in action it will all become much clearer. For the first time users, however, here's a quick step by step guide to help you with the process.

First of all, you need to pick a POLi casino. There are quite a few out there these days, catering to New Zealand players. For purposes of this example, let's say you have already created your account and are trying to deposit to Spin Palace casino.

First step, in the cashier window, you will need to select POLi as your deposit method. This will initiate a new window where you will need to enter the following:

  1.  Your bank - although POLi is available to all residents of New Zealand, it only works with certain banks, so you will need to have an account with one of these banks.
  2. Entering your online banking credentials - once you've selected the bank, you need to log in into your account to verify you have the access to it.
  3. The system will populate all relevant details from the bank server, saving you from the painstaking process of doing this manually.
  4. Once all the info is loaded, all you need to do is confirm the transaction and the money will be sent out from your bank account. The deposited amount will be immediately available for you to play with.

As you can see, as long as you have your online banking information, using this system to fund an online casino is as simple as it gets. There is no risk involved whatsoever as you don't have to share your credentials with any third parties.
A couple of other online casinos supporting POLi payments include Royal Vegas and Jackpot City.

Conclusion: Why Use POLi?

If you belong to the group of players who have been using other payment methods like e-wallets or credit cards for a while, you probably won't have that much incentive to use this system. POLi casinos are targeted primarily, as you could see, at players who don't like sharing their sensitive financial information with anyone.
However, this New Zealand-specific method can be interesting to those who haven't used it before as well. Even if you have been using other methods pretty much your entire life, there is no downside to making your online casino deposits using POLi. There are no additional costs involved and you might grow to like the simplicity of it all.

Occasionally, some POLi casinos will also run special promotions for players using this deposit method and these are the times when you most certainly want to give it a shot. Some extra money or some nice free spins are always welcome and since all you need is a bank account with one of eligible banks, you might as well try it out.
Register with the Spin Palace casino today to see the POLi method in action!