Entropay: A Great Deposit Method

Among many banking methods available to New Zealand players, Entropay stands out as an option that may not be as popular, although it has all the required prerequisites to be your favourite online payment method. In fact, as of late, Entropay has been gaining some momentum, and more and more Ozzie players are starting to adopt it as their online gambling method of choice.

Casinos Accepting Entropay

What is Entropay?

Essentially, Entropay is a prepaid Visa debit card that can be used for paying a range of good of services, both offline and online, and this includes transfers to and from your online casino accounts. Loading up your Entropay card with funds is as simple as it gets, as you can fund it using your regular bank card (credit or debit), and once the money is loaded, you can use it to deposit and start having fun at your choice NZD online casino.

Withdrawing cash to your Entropay card is equally simple. You can think about it as withdrawing to your regular credit or debit card. Once the money hits your card, you’ll be free to use it to deposit again, pay for good or services, or simply withdraw it from a number of ATMs all over New Zealand.

How to Start with Entropay?

Like most online payment methods these days, Entropay account can be created for free. Without any additional charges, maintenance fees, or anything similar, this is an excellent choice for New Zealand casino players online looking for a simple method to make deposits and request withdrawals without hassle.

Once you fill in the required information and create your account, you’ll immediately be provided with the Virtual Visa Card, i.e. you’ll receive your 16-digit card number that can be used to make purchases or deposits regardless of the actual plastic card. This will take a couple of weeks to reach you, but the fact is, you can start using your Entropay account almost immediately after opening it.

To start using your Entropay card, you’ll need to load it with funds, and you can do this by using your regular Visa or MasterCard. The fact you can have a NZD Entropay account is another convenience for all Kiwi players, as it will save you trouble from having to figure out the conversion rates and making “approximate” deposits. You’ll know exactly what you have at your disposal at all times, and will be able to deposit the exact amount you want to put on the line.

Depositing and Withdrawing with Entropay

Making deposits with your Entropay card is as simple as depositing with any other debit or credit card, with an additional benefit that you’ll never have any issues with a bank blocking your transactions or similar.

Simply, choose Entropay as your deposit method in the casino cashier, enter the relevant details (card number, name, surname, and CCV), and confirm the transaction. As long as you have enough funds loaded onto your card, the transaction will go through, and you’ll be all set to start playing within a matter of seconds.

When you are ready to withdraw, simply choose Entropay as your desired method, and the funds will automatically be sent back to the same card you used to deposit. With most casinos featured on our page, you can expect to have the funds on your card within 48 hours, after which you can cash them out, use them for other deposits, or in any other way you like.

Entropay Advantages

Entropay provides New Zealand players with a safe, secure, and reliable way to deal with all of their online gambling transactions, without ever having to give up their actual credit or debit card number. With Entropay card, your sensitive financial information remains protected at all times, and you can further ensure your safety by never keeping a lot of money loaded onto the card.

Quick Access to Your Funds

Apart from staying safe at all times, an Entropay card also lets you withdraw your funds quickly. A casino will usually process your withdrawal request within a day or two, and as soon as that happens, the money will appear in your Entropay card, ready to be used.

This is a very convenient feature for all Kiwi players, as it removes any unnecessary waiting time and completely avoids all third parties like banks or e-wallets. Your cash is available to you immediately, and there are no additional complications involved. Simply go to the nearest ATM and cash in your well-deserved winnings.

High-level User Protection

Apart from the fact Entropay allows you to keep your confidential information safe, it also has a very serious and responsible approach to their customers. They are licensed by the UK Financial Services Authority, meaning they have to stick to very strict rules and regulations.

If at any time you feel like your card may have been compromised in any way, you can reach out to Entropay customer support and they’ll promptly proceed with necessary measures, including blocking your card completely and issuing a new one, while protecting your funds completely.

Should I Use Entropay?

As far as online casino payment methods available to Kiwis go, Entropay is definitely one of the best, safest, and easiest choices out there. With very reasonable fees, reduced waiting times for withdrawals, and the ability to access your funds at a number of ATMs across the country, the Entropay card will make your online gambling efforts much more enjoyable in every sense.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2020