Online legal gambling in New Zealand


A major concern for New Zealanders who play casino games online is  legal status. Worldwide, different countries have taken polarizing views on how to integrate online gambling into the legal system. To put your mind at ease, as far as betting online goes, New Zealand treats this as 100% recreational and perfectly legal.

The Gambling Act of 2003 concerns the providers of casino games who are not allowed to operate from within New Zealand. According to this provision, New Zealand players are not allowed to use services of these operators, but are completely free to play with any other online casino with servers located outside of the country.

As far as safety goes, it is true that current conditions are such that online players are in a position where they cannot file any complaints with New Zealand courts. That’s why you must be careful choosing your operator and stick to those online casinos with a good reputation and have demonstrated they can be trusted.

New Zealand players have no reason for concern when playing at an online casino. The law clearly allows internet gambling as long as operator’s servers are not located within the country’s borders.
All gambling winnings are exempt from taxation and you don’t have to give a single penny of your winnings to the state.

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Is there anything I need to be worried about when I play?”  

Players who become involved with online gambling on a casino located overseas are not breaching any laws and have nothing to worry about. Unlike some other countries, most notably the United States of America, New Zealand authorities only prohibited online casinos operating from within the country from accepting domestic players. These casinos can only offer their services to foreign citizens.
Another important issue when it comes to any form of gambling, online or offline, is the issue of taxation. Players are often confused and uncertain about whether they should pay a tax on their winnings and, if yes, what is the exact number.

The good news is, gambling is New Zealand is not taxed at all. This activity is observed simply as a hobby by the authorities and, as such, it is not subject to taxation.
Other similar activities, like sports betting or online poker, belong to the same group as far as the law is concerned and are governed by the Gambling Act of 2003. As long as your sports wagers and bets are placed with a bookie or a poker room hosted outside of New Zealand, you are in the clear.

Legal Considerations for Online Casinos

Since the New Zealand law places no restrictions on players gambling with overseas operators, there are no obstacles for casinos to accept registrations and deposits from these players. However, the Gambling Act of 2003 does contain certain provisions dealing with foreign online casinos.

The most important clause is the one that forbids overseas operators from advertising their services in New Zealand. Hence, although online casinos are free to accept any and all New Zealand players, they shouldn't, in theory, target them in any way, shape, or format, in an attempt to convince them to use their services.
This, of course, doesn't have much to do with players as it doesn't influence them at all, but it is definitely an interesting highlight from the Act worth pointing out.

Is it Safe to Play From New Zealand?

Now that we've cleared the question of legality, there still remains the issue of safety. Since the law doesn't seem to really care either way, is it really safe for New Zealand players to deposit and play with overseas casinos regulated in jurisdictions other than their own?
The answer that really applies to all players, not just New Zealanders, is: it is safe as long as you are careful. Online casinos are a very peculiar business and it is true that state regulations are of not much use in any individual disputes. That's why you need to look for sites that have been verified and authorized by trustworthy third parties. Although there are no absolute guarantees, these licenses and approvals are usually a very good sign that a casino is safe and reliable.

CounterOf course, for a casual player, it may be a bit too much hassle to look for this information all on his own. There are so many online casinos these days that going through them all would be a considerable task. That's exactly the reason the sites like this one exist.
We do all of this so you wouldn't have to. All casinos listed on this site have been thoroughly checked and vetted by independent third parties and by us as well. We hunted down the best online casinos catering to New Zealand players and you can be confident that operators we included in our review section are safe, trustworthy, and offer great services in every sense, from banking to gaming and support.