Top Casinos With Fastest Payouts Organized For NZ Players

Fastest PayoutsPicking the best online casino is a difficult process that involves plenty of different elements, one of which is certainly the banking casino provides. Online casinos deal with tons of real money and normally use many payment methods to move this money around.

This is why having a reliable casino that processes your cashouts in a timely manner is so important. Some casinos will hold player’s money for days in pending periods before proceeding to pay it out, while others may take days to process simple payments.

This is why we went out on a lookout for the best online casinos with fastest payouts and tried to find out which casinos those are, how good they are to play at, and why you should choose the fastest payout casinos before others.

Brand Bonus Preview Info Visit
Logo of Guts casino 200Bonusguts-screenshot-new-home
withdrawal time: 2 hoursGuts
Play Now
Logo of Rizk casino 100Bonus
withdrawal time: 2 hoursRizk
Play Now
Logo of Royal Panda casino 150Bonus
withdrawal time: 12 hoursRoyal Panda
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Logo of LeoVegas casino 1000Bonus
withdrawal time: 24 hoursLeoVegas
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Logo of Casino Cruise casino 1000Bonus
withdrawal time: 24 hoursCasino Cruise
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Logo of Casinoland casino 800Bonus
withdrawal time: 24 hoursCasinoland
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Logo of Dunder casino 600Bonus
withdrawal time: 24 hoursDunder
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Logo of Spinit casino 1000Bonusscreenshot spinit homepage
withdrawal time: Instant via ewalletSpinit
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Pick Your Fastest Payout Casino Today!

If you are ready to start playing at a real money casino, you may as well do it in a casino that will pay you your winnings promptly. There is a wide selection of fast payout casinos out there, and using this short guide should help you decide which of the fastest payout casinos is best for you.

Once you have found a casino, the rest should be simple enough, as registering an account and depositing money is usually not a big trouble. With a little luck, you will get to use the fast cashout option within hours of play at your chosen casino after you have won heaps of cold hard cash!

Quick and fast withdrawal casinos online
Casino Withdrawal time Fee Limits per transaction Review Visit
Spinit Casino Instant withdrawals via ewallet 0.00 Min:$10 - Max:$5000 Review Visit Casino
Guts Casino Within 2 hours via Neteller $2.50 Min:$20 - Max:$50,000 Review Visit Casino
Rizk Casino Instant withdrawals via Neteller and Skrill $2.50 Min:$20 - Max:$5,000 Review Visit Casino
Royal Panda 3 hours average via all payment methods 0.00 Min:$20 - Max:$50,000 Review Visit Casino
Leo Vegas same day up to 24 hours 0.00 Min:$10 - Max:$20,000 Review Visit Casino
Casino Cruise same day up to 24 hours 0.00 Min:$10 - Max:$5000 Review Visit Casino
Casinoland same day up to 24 hours via Neteller and Skrill 0.00 Min:$10 - Max:$5000 Review Visit Casino
Dunder Casino Pay-outs in less than 24 hours 0.00 Min:$10 - Max:$5000 Review Visit Casino

Payment Delays

HourglassBefore blaming a casino for not paying you out, you should understand why it takes some time for casinos to pay you your money. For starters, properly licensed casinos actually have obligations in their licenses that don’t allow them to just pay you without actually making some checks on your payment.

In most cases, when a casino makes your payment pending or you have to wait for a payout, this is primarily because they are doing their regular checkups which are obligatory. Big casinos almost always do this, and while it is not ideal for the players, it does prevent lots of fraud and money laundering attempts.

The other reasons could be worse of course, as some smaller casinos will try not to pay you at all or to keep your money pending long enough for you to get tired of waiting, cancel the withdrawal and potentially keep playing with your money. This is a cheap trick on the casino’s part and you should certainly not play in a casino that does this on purpose.

Payment Method Delays

Another reason why you can sometimes wait for a payout for a long time is due to choosing the wrong payment method. If you decide you want to be paid straight into your bank account or sent a cheque physically, you can expect this kind of payment will be slower due to technical reasons.

Choosing an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller will usually alleviate this situation as payments into these processors usually happen a lot faster. If you don’t use e-wallets for whatever reason, you may just have to wait a bit longer, but this is no longer a casino issue and you should consider using e-wallets if you want faster cashouts.

Finding Instant Withdrawal Casinos

Running man with moneyIt is difficult to know how a casino is with payment processing before you give them a shot, but checking casino reviews is a good way of knowing how past customers have done with a casino. User testimonials are the absolute best guarantee that a casino is doing something good or not.

Another way is of course simply giving various casinos a shot. Most experienced casino players try more than a few casinos in their time and it is perfectly fine to try several options before sticking with one.

Are Fast Payout Casinos Safe?

The one question that you can ask about the fastest payout casinos considers their safety, and it is a very legitimate question to ask. As we already mentioned, most big name casinos don’t pay out so fast, because of their regulatory obligations and the casinos that pay out very fast may in fact have less secure licenses.

This means these may be casinos that are not the safest ever to keep your money at and many fast payout casinos have gone under in the past. This is why one must be careful and when you find out a casino offers very fast payouts you should at least do a little bit more digging.

If you are able to find overall good feedback regarding the casino, than you are probably safe and the casino is generally solid. But if people are saying they have stolen their money in the past or tried anything dodgy, you should probably stay away from this casino as a precaution.


Why is it important to have reliable online casinos that quickly process payouts?
Quick and correct payouts are a matter that concerns both online casinos and the players. Online casinos always deal with a lot of money on a daily basis, while some casinos will hold onto players’ money for days, and that is the biggest reason why there is a need for reliable casinos that will process payout in a fast manner.
How do I make sure an online casino offers fast payouts?
The best way to make sure an online casino offers fast payouts is to ensure they have been approved by the leading gambling authorities. In addition to this, this site has compiled a list of online casinos, listing withdrawal times, fees, and the limits per each transaction, which should serve as a guide to finding the appropriate casino for you.
Why do payment delays occur?
If a delay in payment occurs, you shouldn’t always blame the casinos. There are regulations in place that prohibit online casinos from payouts before checking on your payment. If your payment is pending, the casino is probably doing an obligatory checkup to prevent fraud or money laundering.
How can I find instant withdrawal casinos?
The best way to find fast paying online casinos is to check casino reviews that have extensively reviewed such casinos. Also, relying on user reviews is another great way to find the best online casino for you.
Are online casinos with fast payouts safe?
Sometimes it can take some time before you are paid out by an online casino, which is due to their checkups and regulations. If a casino pays out extremely fast, this could be great, but could also mean their license is not as secure as it should be. To make sure the casino is safe despite a quick payout, read reviews or check their licenses yourself.

Last Updated: December 25, 2018