Bitcoin Payment Method

Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have introduced a way of online banking unlike anything we’ve seen before. Not only are these currencies decentralized, they also are completely untraceable, giving users brilliant online security and saving huge on transactions fees, all while offering a lucrative investment opportunity as the currency becomes more valuable. Of all the cryptocurrencies, the original Bitcoin remains the most popular and valuable.

So, what does Bitcoin have to do with casino? Since the currency offers the opportunity to avoid all other banking services while introducing a brilliant new level of blockchain security, it was only a matter of time before the online gambling industry saw the benefit of using the service and making it available to players.

As with regular web wallets for international currencies such as the New Zealand dollar, you can use Bitcoin to fund your casino account by registering with a cryptocurrency wallet and buying the coin or transferring it from another wallet.  Once you have Bitcoin, you can use it instantly at online casinos and even enjoy some games that link directly with your Bitcoin account, meaning no deposits or withdrawals ever take place.

Casinos Accepting Bitcoin:

Omni Slots

Slot Heaven

How to Get Started with Bitcoin

Unlike traditional payment methods such as credit and debit cards, you wouldn’t need to share any of your personal information with the casino you have selected to play games using Bitcoin. There are many different ways you can use the Bitcoin services, including transferring your Bitcoin funds directly to the casino or using a service such as a web wallet that keeps your Bitcoin save and makes it easier to transfer the money.

For those who don’t currently have in Bitcoin, there are many ways to purchase the currency through a web wallet service or at some online casinos. This means you can still use the standard payment methods such as credit cards or other web wallets and purchase Bitcoin directly from the casino. Some online establishments might require you to have a cryptocurrency wallet where they can make the withdrawal to or you can simply request a withdrawal in the currency of your choice.

Before you sign up with a cryptocurrency wallet, you would need to ensure that the casino of your choice supports the option and allows you to easily make deposits and withdrawals with the specific wallet. Below, we look at some of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets for online casinos for those who prefer using a wallet over making a simple deposit using just Bitcoin.

Steps to Using Bitcoin: How to Deposit

Once you have created your casino account and set up your preferred method to use Bitcoin, you can head over to the banking page and choose your preferred option. As with regular banking methods, the casino would cost you how many black ones you would like to deposit and what casino bonus you would like to activate. Some online establishments would also give you the option to convert your Bitcoin into other currencies or you can use an international currency and play with Bitcoin.

Depending on the method you have selected, making a Bitcoin payment is much like using a web wallet with other currencies. The steps are similar, making it quick and easy for those who have played at real money casinos in the past.

Here are the basic steps to make a Bitcoin deposit:

  1. Bitcoin Wallet Name – Before you can make a deposit with Bitcoin, you need to tell the casino where your Bitcoin is stored. It’s important to ensure the casino supports the wallet you’re using to make things simpler and avoid having to create a different cryptocurrency wallet.
  2. Follow the steps to make a deposit with Bitcoin. This would once again depend on the wallet selected. The casino would require your account details for the wallet and the amount of Bitcoin you would like to deposit.
  3. Next, you need to log into your Bitcoin wallet, which will load securely from the casino. Log in and confirm the details of the transaction request, which should already be available.
  4. Finally, follow the steps in your cryptocurrency wallet and complete the payment. You’ll be redirected to the casino and the transaction would be complete. Allow a few minutes for the funds to appear and refresh the page.

These steps may be different in minor ways with different casinos and web wallets. However, the basic steps are using a web wallet with cryptocurrency is about the same as they use similar steps and security measures.

Conclusion: Benefits of Bitcoin

As mentioned above, using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin has many great advantages above any other payment methods. Firstly, these transactions are completely autonomous, and there aren’t any fees that form part of your transactions. This means none of your information is ever made available at an online casino or while making a transaction.

The world of online casinos has also created many new gaming opportunities that are only available for cryptocurrency play. These are provably fair dice games that have much great payout percentages and allow you to take advantage of a whole new game style, making it a great addition to the games already available at most online casinos.

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a decentralized and computerized currency (doesn’t belong to anyone and is not regulated by any country) that’s completely anonymous with each transaction. The currency depends on a system of computers from around the world that process transactions, allowing fast payments without any fees or trace of your personal details.
What are the Advantages of using Bitcoin at Online Casinos?
Apart from faster transactions that are more secure, Bitcoin also allows you to enjoy casino games without having to share any personal details. Therefore, there is no trace of your information when making deposits and withdrawals.
How do I Make Deposits with Bitcoin?
Once you have a cryptocurrency wallet, you can visit a Bitcoin casino, choose your wallet and follow the simply steps to complete the payment. These steps are similar to those offered by regular web wallets.
Can I Withdraw using Bitcoin?
Yes, many Bitcoin casinos allow you to send money from the casino to your Bitcoin wallet or you can make withdrawals in another currency, meaning you sell your Bitcoin to the casino.
How do I choose a Bitcoin Wallet?
The best way to choose one of the above-mentioned wallets would be to visit one of the casinos above and see what wallets they cover. If the casino meets you requirements, register with a wallet they support and make a deposit.

Last Updated: April 21, 2019