Online Scratch Cards

Somewhere between lottery and slots games lies the magical and enchanting world of scratch cards. Although not nearly as popular as slots games, more and more online casinos are adding

Scratch Cards

a scratch card element to their offering. Light-hearted and easy to play with all the excitement of lotto – online scratchies take all the good parts about scratch cards you buy on the high street – like excitement, entertainment and quick wins then blends it quite neatly with the modern innovation and advantages of the virtual world. Some online casino games in NZ, like craps for example, can be confusing and hard to learn with so many rules and betting options, but all you have to do with scratch cards is select the card you want to play, scratch and win. It is as easy as that.

This is exactly what makes online scratch cards one of the favourite games among New Zealanders, but also internationally. For those players looking to unwind and scratch online, we have compiled a list of best scratch card sites where you can play real money scratch cards.

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How To Play

Playing online scratch cards could not be any simpler. We all know what they are, those cards that you scrub away the metallic dust and potentially pick up a small win in the shop or a jackpot win that you have to send off for. It’s lotto without the lottery part.
Online scratchies make the simple scratch card experience more interactive, more intense and less effort. You can scratch off endless cards, as long as you have funds in your account by simply clicking a button on your mouse and revealing matching symbols. Click all the fields in a scratch card and move on to the next one if no jackpot was won.
Mobile scratch cards take it one step further as the interactive experience of swiping the scratch card resembles the experience of scratching off an actual scratch card. The animations online bring mobile and desktop scratchies to life and that fun and simple side to pulling in a big win are what gives the scratch cards such mass appeal.

Odds In Scratch Cards

The one huge advantage of playing scratch cards online instead of buying them in the real world is one related to the odds of the game. Real world instant scratch off tickets usually pay the players only about 50% of the invested amount. That’s right, for every $1 you invest into real world scratch cards, you can expect to win about $0.50 in total, which is horrible in comparison to any other form of gambling.

The reason winnings are so low is that the lottery has to actually print the tickets, which are usually very cheap, and yet not that cheap to print. They have to distribute them to their selling points and pay the workers who sell them, which generates a lot of expenses that have to be paid.

Since real money online casinos do not endure these costs, the odds of winning money at online scratch cards are exponentially bigger. In reality, most scratch card sites return about 95% of the invested money to the players, which is much better and closer to other casino games. Why should you settle for the 50% live when you can have 95% out of the comfort of your home and a realistic chance of scoring a jackpot? The truth is, there is no reason at all.

Variations Of Scratch Cards

Like online pokie games, the online scratch cards come with a lot of variety. It is very easy for online casino software providers to create various scratch cards and integrate them into their platforms, and so you will see a great range of cards available in most casinos, ranging from generically themed ones to ones with licenses purchased from various popular brands, TV shows and similar popular franchises.

Pretty much all casino software developers also develop scratch cards for the casinos, including Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt. Other than the themes, the games also differ in the amount you can win per card and the value of major jackpots. Some online scratch cards award players with up to a million dollars or even more.
Some popular online scratch card games include Foxin Wins, Big Foot, Panda Mania, The Godfather and others. Of course, depending on the software provider you choose, just like with pokies, you will see apparent differences in the graphical and animation aspects as well as some general gameplay differences which are representative of the particular software providers.

Final Word

Big advantage that online scratch cards have in term of odds is awesome, considering the low returns per ticket of all New Zealand land based scratch cards.
Whether you are a gambler at heart of just looking to unwind with something easy, we recommend online scratch cards. The ease of gameplay keeps the game stress free and potential big wins are out there to be had.


How do I play online scratch cards?
In order to play online scratch cards, you should either visit your favorite online casino and see if they provide scratch card games, or visit one of the many online scratch card websites. Online scratch card games are much more interactive than traditional scratch cards and require less effort. As long as you have the necessary funds, you can scratch off an almost endless number of cards by simply clicking a button.
How do mobile scratch cards differ from regular online scratch cards?
Mobile scratch cards take the game to another level. The whole experience becomes much more realistic with the swiping motion that is used to scratch off the cards. Both online and mobile scratch card games use animations which brings it a lot closer to players.
What are the odds when playing online scratch cards?
Most online scratch cards offer high odds, with the best odds being 1:3. Players can often win large cash prizes because the odds are that high. Real-world scratch cards usually have 50/50 odds, which means that for each $1 you pay, you can expect a $0.50 payout. Online scratch cards have way higher odds, with 95% being the standard payout, similar to online slots.
How much money can I win playing scratch cards?
The amount of money that can be won playing scratch cards can vary, anywhere from $0.10 to $1 million. The odds are randomly determined, so many cards have the odds to make you incredibly wealthy.
Are there different types of online scratch cards?
The same as with online pokies, online scratch cards come in various types. This depends on the online casinos software provider and the themes they provide, which can be licensed brands and popular TV shows. The cards additionally differ in the winning amounts.

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Last Updated: December 30, 2022