Online Roulette Casino: The Complete Guide

‘Roulette’ derived from ‘little wheel” and often called the King of NZ Casino Games, was made particularly famous by the James bond movie, Casino Royale and inspires players worldwide to place their bets, red or black and cross their fingers whilst they hope for a win. Known by some as ‘The Devil’s Game,’ partly because the numbers on the wheel, combined, add up to 666 and partly because it’s just too much fun, Roulette is available online in both live and now live versions on most online casinos. New Zealand players certainly rate Roulette among their favourites and with great bonuses and promotions available – Online Casinos offer an enjoyable atmosphere in the comfort of your home.

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Rules Of Rouletteroulette

Roulette is played using a wheel split into 37 numbered fields. These fields are split into 18 Black, 18 Red and one Green field numbered 0. Players place bets on a table in front of the wheel, trying to guess the next number to come.
Those more cautious don’t have to guess the exact numbers as various betting options are available. You may choose to bet that the next number to come will be Red or Black or that a number in one of the thirds of the table will come next, paying 2/1 or 3/1 respectively.
If you can guess the exact number, you will be paid 36/1. Many players choose to bet a cluster of numbers and pick favourites among those numbers, betting more on those, but no matter how you bet, Roulette is a fun and enjoyable experience. Once the ball is in the air and the wheel is spinning, anything can happen.

Odds Of Roulette

The odds of the wins in Roulette are determined based on the probability of an event occurring. For instance, if you bet the top third of the table, your win will be 3/1. If you bet red or black or odd or even, your win will be 2/1. If you bet a single number, the win will be 36/1.
You may notice in all of these wins, there is basically one number missing. The table has 37 fields, yet the win on guessing the number is 36/1. This is because 0 is never calculated into these wins and this is where the casino draw their edge in the game of Roulette.

Online Roulette is no different. No matter what Roulette site you play, the wins will never be actually “fair” or rather the house will always keep a small edge. As every number has the same chance of hitting every single time the wheel is spun, there is no real edge for the player to be had in Roulette and the game is a pure game of chance.
Still, online Roulette is a ton of fun and all you will need to win over a certain period of time is just a bit of luck. A peck of luck can completely crush the casino edge and make you a big winner as many before you have been at online Roulette.

The actual casino edge in online Roulette comes out to about 2.5%. This is slightly higher than games such as Blackjack, but a bit lower than most pokies online. At the end of the day, you will need some luck to win at any of the games so the choice of games will come down to your preference.

Roulette Strategies

During the years, players have developed math based strategies for beating the Roulette board. Although we can’t definitely support any of these strategies and obviously, none of them are consistently effective, otherwise Vegas would be bankrupt, you can use the same systems playing online.
For instance, the famous Martingale and Fibonacci systems use a progressive betting pattern to guarantee a player is a winner every time they hit and there are many other strategies players employ to try and diminish the casino edge.

The Martingale, Flat betting and Labouchère system


So simple, it could almost be a scratch card, the “Martingale” remains the most popular of all progressive betting systems. Players only need to double their bet in every round until you win, same numbers, eventually it will hit.  Fatal flaw in this system is – you can only win if you have unlimited bank funds and no table limits. Otherwise unless you are lucky you will end up flat broke. The Martingale system, despite its fame, will lose you far more money than flat betting.

Flat Betting

Flat betting (betting the same amount again and again) is statistically better than any progressive system.


The Labouchère, also known as the James Bond system, requires you to pour yourself a martini, shaken not stirred before you begin.

  1. Your first bet, is placed on big red (or black) diamond and is 6 chips, this is the total of 5 +1 which was written on a card, before you poured the martini.
  2. If you win, cross out the 5 and the 1 on the card and then bet the sum of the next two top and bottom numbers; 4 + 2 = 6. If you have one digit left, bet that.
  3. Each time you lose, write the amount of the loss at the bottom of your column. Your next bet is the total of the top and bottom numbers not scratched out on your card.
  4. When all the numbers are scratched out, your win will amount to the sum of all the numbers in your original five figure columns, or worth 15 chips.

Top 5 Roulette Tips

These are our top 5 tips for winning at the game of online Roulette:

  1. Practice at the free to play online Roulette casinos to get acquainted with the rules and perfect your strategies before moving to real money tables.
  2. Play at the reputable casinos from our list. Don’t just pick any casino off the internet. The Roulette sites we promote are legitimate and safe and the internet can be a dangerous place. Keep your money safe with reputable NZ facing casinos.
  3. Manage your bankroll. No matter what system you are playing, you will need to have a sufficient amount of money behind to handle the swings.
  4. Use casino bonuses. Most online Roulette sites offer welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and reload bonuses which can be used to significantly boost your bankroll and gamble with more money than you deposited.
  5. Be prepared for variance. Long streaks of red, black, odd and even numbers happen and your particular favourite number may not hit in a really long time. Be patient and understand that Roulette is a math game.

Roulette Variations

Roulette is basically one game, but especially when playing Roulette online there will be multiple variations available. Games like European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette differ in rules or number of fields on the table. Make sure to visit us again in the near future to read more on different online Roulette variations in a new guide we are working on.

European Roulette

European roulette is definitely the most popular variation of this iconic game. Based solely only is certainly a big attraction for players. Playing a live roulette wheel is by far the closest thing you'll get to playing at a land based casino. Unlike the American version of the game, the European roulette wheel consists of 36 numbers and only a single 0. This basically lowers the house edge and increases your chances of winning. Bets range between $0.20 - $10,000 and the biggest payouts are one when placing a wager on a single number, this will pay 36:1. The fact that the game is so simple that even a first timer can play with confidence, definitely makes this a must play game. The live version is just as exciting as playing at the casino. The wide range of bets makes this game perfect for beginners and high rollers.


French Roulette

French Roulette is considered to be the first version of the iconic game which was created by Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, which then went on to spread across the globe. The same concept of gameplay is used between all 3 types of roulette. The main difference in the French is that there is only a single 0 on the wheel. You'll find 3 colours on the wheel; these are black, red and green which are the zero. When playing live roulette, players will enjoy the same experience as playing at a casino thanks to interacting with the dealer in real time. There are basically only two different bets players are able to make in French roulette, inside and outside bets.  Inside bets are placed within the betting grid while outside bets are placed where the name suggests. These include odd/even, black/red and others. If you're looking for a game based on luck and want the excitement that comes with it, French roulette is the perfect game for you. Plus, you get the best odds with this variation of the game.

American Roulette

Popularly known under the name Double Zero Roulette, American Roulette gives you realistic chances to up your winnings with a Double Zero twist. In European or French Roulette the additional zero number (00) is not an valid game option like in its American counterpart which has the advantage that it can lead to bigger prizes for those daring enough to play with the house advantage raised to 5.26%! Similar to its sister versions bets are placed on individual numbers, corners, even or odd, color, rows and combinations, with the only real difference being the addition of another zero on the Roulette wheel.  American Roulette is definitely the fastest version of all 3, and is easier to learn than the others. Familiarizing yourself with popular Roulette strategies is recommended as most are based on even money bets, with the second zero in the American game destroying these odds. More experienced players will definitely enjoy this one.

Multiplayer Roulette

Multiplayer Roulette is based on the traditional version of classic roulette, and is ideal for those looking for the excitement of playing against other players. When you load up Multiplayer Roulette, you’ll find yourself in the same lobby as other players who share the same table and roulette wheel, with the result of each spin being the same for everyone. For those who enjoy socializing, players are able to communicate via a chat window and are able to see the results of each other's winnings. The rules of the game follow classic French Roulette, with 37 slots on the game wheel and a 2.7% house edge.  Familiarizing yourself with the strategies of traditional French Roulette is the best way to kick off a Multiplayer Roulette game. This includes the types of bets you’re able to place, such as Colour bets, Number bets, Odd/Even bets and High/Low bets. If you’re looking for a unique social experience, then Multiplayer Roulette is for you.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is based on traditional European Roulette and brings the excitement of the casino floor into your own home. Offering the traditional single zero feature makes it easier to strategies and play, with the new and improved European version offering a lower house advantage. Similar to traditional versions of Roulette, the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition follows the European set of rules with additional extras for gameplay. The game requires you to use the chip denominations to place your bets and once you are satisfied with your bets, you can start the game at any time.  Premier Roulette Diamond Edition offers you a premium experience with ambient sound effects, the option to customize your tablecloth, jazz music and the hushed tones of animated Roulette players as they chat around the table. If you’re looking for a game that provides the excitement of the casino floor, then Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is for you.

Our Say

If you prefer playing table games over pokies, Roulette may just be a great choice for you. The list of online Roulette sites on this page will give you more than enough New Zealand facing options to play online Roulette and we hope the tips we gave you will help tip the scale in your favour.

Online Roulette Casino FAQs

How can I learn to play online roulette?
The internet offers many virtual roulette tables, which are the perfect place to learn to play the game. The stakes usually start out low and this gives inexperienced players the chance to learn the basics of the game and to develop a betting strategy. In order to better understand the game, players need to fully understand the betting odds, probabilities, and payouts.
Can I use a roulette system or strategy?
Roulette systems are highly controversial. Some players believe in betting strategies to improve their chances, but the game is one of chance and adheres to the scientific house edge percentages. The best you can do is study the rules of the game and stick to established strategies.
What are the advantages of playing online roulette?
Like all casinos games, they all have their particular advantages. The advantage of playing online roulette is that there is no need to travel to a land-based casino; you can simply either download an app or play the game via web browser. You can play the game wherever and whenever. All you really need is a stable internet connection and a desktop PC/Mac or a mobile device. Online roulette also provides smaller stakes. Players can easily switch between casinos.
Can I play online roulette for free?
Many online casinos offer players a chance to play their games for free, and online roulette is no exception. Most casinos will require you to sign up and create an account, but this comes with sign up bonuses and many other perks.
What are the differences between the French and American roulette version when it comes to odds?
With the French and the American version, the house edge is different due to the layout of the table. The French version is the original European version and has a house edge of 2.7%, while the American version has a 5.27% house edge. This makes the European version much more player-friendly, but the American version is regarded as quicker and pays out better if you know how to play it, and is thus the preferred version of experienced players.

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Last Updated: December 30, 2022