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Try to contain your excitement, virtual games have moved one cyber step closer to the real world. Long gone are the days where you signed up for an online casino and received an almost entirely slots dominated casino site, filled with animations that any high roller table games better scoffs at. With the advancement in software technology, online casino providers give you live roulette and blackjack games with real dealers in a variety of languages.  In some online live casinos, you can also play on a table with other roulette fans, although you may not be able to play this instantly.
The comfort of playing in a real casino from your living room, or on your cell phone has given New Zealanders the chance to indulge in our favorite casino games without having to drag yourself off to the nearest bricks and mortar casino.
When you play live casino games, you don’t have to worry about potentially rigged RNGs or possible traps hidden inside the software code. You get to participate in the same game like the people physically present in the casino, with dealers dealing real cards and the roulette ball spinning on an actual wheel.
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Live Casinos: How Do They Work?

Not all people are tech wizards. Most players simply look to have some online fun without having to worry about details and many of them don't quite understand the inner workings of a live casino. This often leads to wrong or misguided theories because people simply love a good gossip.
The truth is, a live casino online is simply a video stream from the casino floor displayed on our screens in real time. There are no delays or tricks because, in many instances, we get to play with people who are physically present inside the casino and playing at the same table.

Playing live roulette or live casino baccarat over the internet was not an option a ten or so years ago, simply because internet connections were not fast enough and setting up such platforms was not feasible. Today, however, setting up a live stream is relatively easy thing to do and the technology needed to get the ball rolling is widely available and relatively cheap.
A live online casino is the closest you can get to the "real thing" without actually walking inside a casino. There are flesh and blood dealers you can interact with, real cards and chips at the table, and, depending on the setup, you can often see other players walking around and hear the sounds from the casino floor.

Live Dealer Casino: Game Selection

Live casinos these days offer quite an impressive palette of available games for their customers. Owners and operators know what games attract the most players so, accordingly, they made sure these games are available in their live online casino variations. Games you will find on nearly all live casinos include:

This list may seem somewhat limited and, in all honesty, it is. But the reason for it is that even with all the technologies available, setting up a 24/7 live stream is still quite expensive for the casinos and requires a lot of resources. Therefore, most live online casinos limit themselves to the most popular games and introduce other variations as required.
It is all a matter of supply and demand really, and if casinos start noticing a trend that games other than live roulette or blackjack are what their customers ask for, there is no doubt they will be quick to accommodate.

What is the Best Live Casino to Play On?

When it comes to picking a live casino to play on, there are several factors to consider. Perhaps the most important is the game selection but if you are looking for just one particular game, it might not be crucial for you.
The other equally important factor are the overall quality and user experience. A live online casino may look great at a first glance but that won't mean much if there are constant delays and glitches on their stream. In theory, this shouldn't happen, but in reality not all places give the equal amount of attention to this segment of their business.

When it comes to the offering of live casinos in New Zealand, two places that you absolutely need to check out are Leo Vegas and Casinoland. Both of these online casinos offer a great user experience, decent selection of games, and, to top it all off, generous bonuses to boost your bankroll.
The games you will find on LeoVegas live online casino include live roulette, blackjack and live casino baccarat. The Casinoland has pretty much the same offering in their live dealer casino, so it is really the matter of what interface you like more.

Live Casino Pros & Cons

Should you give live online casinos a test ride? Here's the short list of pros and cons to help you decide.



Are Live Casino games for you?

It really boils down to your style of play.

If you enjoy human interaction while playing and are afraid that casinos might be rigging their software (despite all the security checks and certificates) then you will probably thrive in a live casino experience. On the other hand, if you prefer truly fast-paced action with minimum interruptions, a traditional New Zealand online casino might suit you better.

Our suggestion is to give live online casino a try and see how it feels.


What are live dealer casinos?
A live casino, or live dealer casino, describes an online gambling facility that offers online players the chance to play real and authentic table games using their PC, Mac, or mobile devices. Live dealer casinos are a combination of software coupled with live streaming technology that involve real-life table games, including card tables and roulette wheels, which employ real dealers that operate the tables.
What do live casinos offer?
Instead of a computer-generated outcome and instead of using the standard RNG (Random Number Generator), these table games offer the players a real-life environment set in a studio that has its own real-life dealer that will create an authentic gambling experience. The goal of live dealer casinos is to provide an experience that is the closest thing to visiting a land-based casino without leaving your home.
How do live casinos work?
Live dealer casinos are a lot simpler than most people think and don’t involve a lot of worrying details. Although most of us don’t understand the precise inner working of these live casinos, it is easy to explain it. Live casinos are an online video stream that is broadcast from a studio to your screen in real time. This involves real people, real dealers, real players, and real table games, thus eliminating possible delays and tricks. Players can even interact with the dealers and ask questions if there is anything unclear about the game.
What types of games do live dealer casinos offer?
Nowadays, live dealer casinos provide a wide range of games. The owners and operators of these casinos like to offer various types of roulette, a range of variations of blackjack, various casino poker games like Casino Hold’Em Poker, and live dealer baccarat. And, while this may seem like a limited list of available games, players need to know that having a 24/7 live stream with dealers working all the time is an expensive undertaking for these casinos. Thus, most live casinos have decided to provide the most popular games and offer several variations of these games as well.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing at live dealer casinos?
Like most things online casinos have to offer, live dealer games have both their advantages and disadvantages. Among the things that should compel you to visit one of these are that these live games do not involve any computer-based random number generators; they offer interaction with the dealers and sometimes even interaction with other players, which gives you a safer feeling; and it is definitely the closest thing to the real casino experience. The disadvantages include that players sometimes have to wait for games; there is always the possibility there might be a technical glitch; and some players might even be distracted by live dealers.

Last Updated: May 6, 2020