Premier Roulette Diamond Edition

premier roulette diamond edition

Leave it to casino game developers to take a simple and yet fascinating game of online roulette and make it far more creative and entertaining. The original Premier Roulette was the American version, while this new one is the European version. The European version additionally provides an improved Return To Player for bettors.

The Diamond Edition is a new and improved version of the already well-established online roulette game and will provide players with numerous improved features not found in the standard game. It will make players happy to know the game offers excellent graphics along with decent sound effects and a smooth gameplay.

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Gameplay & Features

The Diamond Edition of Premier Roulette offers smooth and easy gameplay, and experienced players will have no trouble at all adjusting to this game. Players will like this version more than the original one because it offers the traditional single zero feature with an easier gameplay. This makes it also easier for new players to get into the game and enjoy it.

The European new and improved version also offers a version of roulette with a lower house advantage, while the American version has a way higher house advantage.

Tips and Tricks

As said before, the game follows the European set of rules for roulette with additional extras for gameplay. In terms of visuals and graphics, the game is highly advanced when it comes to online casinos games. This is mostly because the developers decided to place the roulette wheel in the center of the screen as opposed to at the end of the table, which is common in most online roulette games.

This feature makes the game immensely more visually appealing. Additionally, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition offers you the option to play the game in a regular and expert mode. This will let you control the display when it comes to the size of the roulette game. The expert mode offers all options that are available on expanded tables. The regular mode offers players a sleeker view of the roulette table, only the essentials visible. We would recommend this mode to roulette game beginners who enjoy a more simplified screen that’s easier to play.

Pros and Cons

Among the best things one can point out about this online roulette game is that it has the best update released for a best-selling roulette game. Also, the chance to choose between 2 playing modes is another excellent feature and makes the game way more accessible. The only disadvantage would be the placement of the wheel since some players prefers it at the side of the table, but that is completely secondary.

Final Judgment

You will find it hard to find a better online roulette game. All in all, this games will satisfy anyone who enjoys online roulette gaming, with excellent gameplay and authentic graphics.




Premier Roulette Diamond Edition FAQ

Q: What is the advantage of playing Premier Roulette Diamond Edition?

A: The Diamond Edition of Premier Roulette offers smooth and easy gameplay.  This game also has the reduced house odds associated with European Roulette.


Q: What special features does Premier Roulette Diamond Edition have?

A: This game has received awards as one of the best-selling roulette games. Players can choose between 2 playing modes, which makes the game way more accessible.


Q: Are the odds of winning any different from other version of Roulette?

A: Since this version is based off of European Roulette it has more favourable odds of winning than those that are based off of American Roulette.

Last Updated: April 21, 2019