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Roulette is widely considered one of the best-known casino games out there. And, while some might enjoy playing this game online without the interference of other players, others rather enjoy some social interaction with others. Just like when playing blackjack in a real casino, you see all the players around the table and can see their reaction or lack thereof in real time, which makes for a way more entertaining experience than just sitting alone at the table.

However, playing roulette both in real life and online is something you can enjoy both ways. The entire experience is mostly based on your betting and winning or losing. Some companies have decided to make this experience way more interactive by providing a multiplayer roulette game that will let players share their experience with others and communicate during the game.

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Gameplay & Features

As you would expect, the multiplayer roulette game has a number of different options that distinguish it from other, more standard casino games. This game focuses on social interaction during the gameplay. And while the team speak communication has been an option in video games for a long time, casino game players have wondered why not introduce this in the gambling industry to improve the overall experience?

Now the players have a chance to use these features to make their gameplay and overall experience more memorable and enjoyable:

Tips & Tricks

If you haven’t already played roulette, let’s give you a quick tour of all the rules and most important bits of the game. Multiplayer roulette is a new and improved version of French roulette. This means that the bets you can place are the same as in the French roulette version:


Pros & Cons

This type of game, in most cases, has decent graphics no matter the game provider. Most interfaces are very functional and provide the player with a great overview of the complete game. Placing bets is made easy by using the mouse button. Also, the additional interaction with other players makes it exceedingly more fun.

The only downside would be that this is still a virtual game, but the multiplayer feature almost makes it close to perfect.

Final Judgment

The multiplayer concept is a great addition to the various ways you can play roulette and will make it more appealing to new players.


Multiplayer Roulette FAQ

Q: How does Multiplayer Roulette work?

A: Multiplayer Roulette has numbered pockets that go from 0 to 36 on the roulette wheel. This game is a multiplayer game, more than one person can play this game at the same time. It is based on the standard European version of roulette. It also has call and neighbor bets, including a bets track.

Q: How is Multiplayer Roulette different from the other variations?

A: The main difference with Multiplayer roulette is the use of a single zero. Other than that, the wheel and betting options are identical to that of other roulette configurations. Also, of course, you can interact with other players during the play.


Last Updated: April 21, 2019