French Roulette


While online slots are great and give players an amazing experience, real players know that playing a game of roulette is the real deal, and French roulette is the original version of the most iconic game there is. The idea for the game came from French mathematician Blaise Pascal, who invented the roulette wheel purely by accident. Back then he didn’t have gambling in mind, yet the roulette wheel was a product of his research in perpetual motion. Later two brothers added their own ingenuity to Pascal’s idea and presented their version to some European casinos in Germany and Monaco. The game became quickly accepted and spread all over casinos in Europe.

Nowadays, the original roulette is still very popular because it is a simple game, with a single zero and low house advantage. Every online casino offers 3 versions of roulette: French, European, and American, and if you are a newcomer to the game, you’d be best advised to start with the French online version.

Play French Roulette For Free

Gameplay & Features

The gameplay of online French roulette is basically the same as in the original game, with the game being adjusted for the online experience. You will certainly enjoy the outstanding graphics that playing on desktops, notebooks or mobile devices offers. You will find it easy to learn the rules because they are simple, since there are only 2 types of bets players can make: inside and outside bets.

Tips & Tricks

You can use your mouse to pick up chips of different values and then place them on the table. You can place bets on single or groups of numbers, but also colours and any other option available. Additionally, the game offers two other kinds of bets, racetrack and special bets, which include the following:

Pros and Cons

The Pros in this game include the fact that it’s easy to learn this game; it is great for beginners and experienced players; it has a low house advantage of 2.7% and it includes a La Partage option. The only Con is that the game can’t really be played if you want to clear a casino bonus.



Final Judgement

If you consider the game has almost no disadvantages, you can see that this game is perfect for anyone who wants to get into roulette, but also for experienced players. It is the most popular form of online casino roulette for a reason.


French Roulette FAQ


Q: What is the advantage of playing French Roulette?

A: A great advantage of online roulette games is that the rules are easy to learn and the gameplay is straightforward. This version also features lower house advantage odds.

Q: Can I play this game on my mobile device?

A: Most major software providers offer their table games, including French Roulette, on all mobile devices.

Q: Should I use a different betting strategy?

A: Your betting strategy shouldn’t change from regardless of roulette game type. The house edge will change depending on the game and the betting strategies will thus be more successful in French Roulette versus American Roulette but the betting system itself will not change.

Q: Are the odds of winning any different from other version of Roulette?

A: With the French vs. American version, the probability of winning is due to the table layout of a single zero in the former versus a double zero for the latter. The French, like the original European game, has a 2.7% house edge, while the American version has a 5.27% house edge.

Q: Can players use a roulette system or strategy?

A: Roulette systems are quite controversial. While some players believe that betting strategies will help them win, the game is statistically in favour of a house edge.

Last Updated: April 21, 2019