No Download A.K.A. Flash Casinos

laptopTo download or not to download, this is the question. If there is one thing common to online casino players, than that’s they’re mostly adrenaline junkies, and Kiwis take a special place in that group. We don’t play simply to win money but more because of the excitement brought about by the possibility of the big win; and, if there is one thing casino players hate, that’s having to wait to start playing. That’s where flash casinos come in.

Downloading casino software can sometimes take a while and then there is the installation process, possible problems with disk space, restrictions, and what not. While downloadable versions do offer a few extra perks compared to flash casinos, these are usually not worth the hassle – especially not today when flash versions are barely different from their “heavier” counterparts.

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If you are looking for reliable and solid flash casinos with a wide selection of games and quick payout times, check out the table below. We’ve put together some of the best choices for New Zealand players, so your only concern is picking up the one that you like the most.

Brand Bonus Preview Info Visit
Lucky247 Logo of Lucky247 casino 500Bonus
Enjoy hundreds of various games from your browser with stylish instant play softwareLucky247
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Jackpot City Logo of Jackpot City casino 1600Bonus
Big jackpots and many table games available in Jackpot City flash casinoJackpot City
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888 Logo of 888 casino 1500Bonus
Modern and nicely designed instant play casino featuring many exclusive slots888
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Betway Logo of Betway casino 1000Bonus
Play one of the best-known online casinos around straight from your browserBetway
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5 Logo of casino 400Bonus
Win your share of millions in jackpots without ever having to download
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Casinoland Logo of Casinoland casino 800Bonus
Very stylish flash casino offering hundreds of different slots, table games, and Live Dealer tablesCasinoland
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How big a change is Flash from Download?

You may be used to browser-based play and you may believe there are significant differences between instant online play casinos and their downloadable software alternatives.

Let's get that myth out of the way first: there isn't.

Flash casinos are exactly the same as the one you downloaded onto your PC, without the bugs. There may be a few missing games or casino promotions – however the games that exist on both download and flash versions are the same games.

The casino MAY stipulate that you can only participate in a certain type of game or promo if you download the software – but the services and facilities remain the same.

Instead of having to go through installation nightmares - you can simply direct your web browser to the best online casino NZ, log in with the account details, and you will be ready to go. Exactly like streaming a film. No waiting, no hassle, within a few seconds you get to jump right in .

Technical Advantages

Apart from avoiding troubles with download and installation, there are other practical benefits to no download online casinos.
Most players don't play on just one casino. They switch around because of the game selection, free spins bonuses, or simply the general feel of a place. With time, all these installations could clutter your hard drive and slow down your computer. Even if you think you have a lot of space available, too many software installations can sometimes make your system go crazy. Perhaps you can have your favourite software installed and use flash casinos for the rest of your gambling activities.

Another great thing about these instant play casinos is that they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. There are probably computers that you would rather not install the software on for various reasons. You can completely avoid having to do this by logging through the casino's web page and playing some no download slots for as long as you like. Once you log out, it is like you've never even been there. If you are a private person, you can easily even delete the site from the browsing history and maintain your privacy.

Mac users will also appreciate flash casinos. The downloadable software is often only available for installation on PCs, leaving those who use Mac computers in a really unenviable situation. With no download casinos, you don't have to worry about this anymore. Whatever computer you use, you'll be able to access your account and play your favourite games and pokies.

To reiterate this important point once again: you will not lose anything on the user experience by using the browser version. The game selection is virtually the same, visual and audio effects are all there, and it is not slower at all. Flash casinos are practically twin brothers of their downloadable counterparts, just founded on a slightly different technology.

Your best bet for playing in Flash

While most casinos offer flash versions these days, not all are equal. For the best experience for New Zealanders, we suggest a couple of places that are sure to have you covered on all fronts.

  1. Spin Palace - Spin Palace actually has a full-fledged flash casino that actually works and feels the same as if you've installed it on your computer. There are real money and play money options available, so you can even test the waters before making the deposit. With more than 300 no download slots, different blackjack versions, a number of other table games like baccarat, craps, and, of course, roulette, regardless of what your preferred game is, Spin Palace flash casino is a great choice for flash casino.
  2. Royal Vegas - The offering on the Royal Vegas Casino in terms of games is quite similar, with hundreds of slots and different table games to pick from. When it comes to flash casinos, these two are really the industry leaders as they've put a lot of time and effort into making sure no download casino players have the best possible experience.
    Of course, it is not just the game selection but games run smoothly and seamlessly. A casual player or serious gambler, you are guaranteed to have a great time going flash at Royal Vegas casino.

Download, Flash and HTML5

The considerable benefits of not downloading, seem to make Flash casinos an obvious choice – however with the techie world moving at the speed of light – let’s not forget that many online casinos are slowing down on their creation of flash games in and speeding up on HTML5 development.

Why? Why indeed, flash with all its benefits over download, still has hiccups. This led Apple and a few corporate friends to develop the HTML5 Plug in.  There are more and more games appearing that look and feel very HTML5 – still no download, so still on the Flash side of the park.

We still have a long time with Flash games dominant in the market though: Currently when it comes to games using flash (hundreds or thousands) versus HTML5 ( hundreds) or Flash users ( 2 billion) versus HTML5 ( 800 Million).

Last Updated: July 29, 2019