Live Roulette: What do I Need to Know

Roulette is a fascinating game that you can play at any online casino. What differentiates the live roulette version from other online roulette games is that this is not played with an automated computer that creates results. Instead, players can take part in a live stream that puts them at a live roulette table with a real croupier that operates the roulette wheel, just as you would expect to find in a real-life casino.

[readmore-mobile]With the demand for more live roulette rooms, online casinos have become partners with live roulette providers all around the world. While the establishments provide charming and charismatic croupiers that have a genuine knowledge of the game, online casinos and other companies ensure that payments, streams and customers are taken care of. Back when live roulette started, it was fairly basic, with live stream cutting off all the time, but now the industry on the whole has improved to provide a genuine and real experience that is as real as going to your closest casino.

Gameplay & Features

Before you visit any online casino for a friendly game of live roulette, you need to know which type of roulette to choose. Here are the basic types of roulette that are offered with live roulette:

Live Dealer Roulette Live Playboy Roulette

Tips & Tricks

You will be happy to know that all the major online casinos provide live roulette services and this is as close as you can get to the real deal. You also need to know that between each spin of the wheel the table will be cleared of all wins and losses; the player gets up to a minute to place their bets on the table. The player can continue placing bets until the croupier says that all bets are closed by uttering ‘No more bets.’

Pros & Cons

You can choose between 3 different types of roulette which is simply marvelous. You can also enjoy it from the comfort of your home. The live croupier adds a special touch to the game. You can also check up on the game via statistics offered on the screen. There are basically no downsides with this kind of live gaming experience.


Final Judgment

There is a chance that more experienced players might not enjoy this type of gambling, while there is a large number of players that enjoy this kind of gaming experience in particular. This is because of the live experience and the real croupier instead of a computer program. It will surely provide a lot of fun and the convenience of not having to leave your house or just play on your mobile device while on the road.


Live Roulette FAQ

Q: How does live dealer roulette work?

A: The same rules apply as with non-live dealer roulette. You go to a table, choose, and place your bets. The difference is that there is a live dealer shown via a live feed in a real casino. You can chat with the dealer. Live dealer roulette cannot be played for free.

Q: Can I play live roulette on my mobile device?

A: Some sites offer this service, though live roulette is one of the hardest table games to get right on a mobile device because smartphone screens are small and it’s hard to put a wheel and 38-number roulette board onto a 4-inch screen.

Q: Do I need to download any software to play?

A: Not necessarily. A great number of online casinos offer both downloadable and Instant Play software. The downloadable software lets you download an app on your PC, Mac or mobile device, while the Instant Play version gives you immediate access via your web browser.

Q: What are the advantages of playing live dealer roulette?

A: There are many benefits to playing live roulette, one being that the player doesn’t have to travel but can play from the comfort of his home or anywhere when using a mobile device. Also, the stakes are much smaller than when playing in a real casino. Players can switch tables or even casinos in a matter of minutes.

Last Updated: April 21, 2019