SKYCITY Wharf Queenstown Review

The smallest casino of its kind, or like New Zealanders call it, the boutique casino with the most stunning lakeside view. Its location is amazing. When you walk by the lake enjoying the view, you will find the Steamer Wharf complex. The casino is right within the borders giving gamers fun experience.

It’s the smallest casino we came across. The owner of this casino is SKYCITY Entertainment Group. The owner got the full ownership of this casino in 2012. Even though all people see it as small, its heart is so big and has a place for all of you who want to experience something new. The aces up in its sleeve feature great hospitality and unbelievable lake views. I feel free to say that SKYCITY Wharf Casino has the best view in town. It’s not big on games and sounds. It’s more like a leisure casino where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a great turn of games. You can say it’s your private casino.

Skycity Wharf Casino Queenstown NZSKYCITY Wharf Queenstown Casino Floor

The SKYCITY Wharf Casino features 86 machines and 6 table games. When you walk into this casino, you can expect some of the classic games of Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, and of course, Blackjack.

VIP guests have a special privilege to be a part of the most exciting thing in the casino, and that’s the Horizon Room. It’s specially designed for the most loyal guests in this casino, and it’s available through the whole building. This room features games that have big winnings like Roulette, Blackjack, and Midi-Baccarat. The beverage and food services are excellent in this place with bartenders keeping you in their eyes all the time.

What’s also attractive for this casino and the gaming area is their “Learn to Play” packages. It’s a great experience for you and all of your friends. You are going to learn all the basics and everything you need to get things started. The SKYCITY Wharf Casino promotes responsible gaming to its players, and they always remind you that this is only for fun.

The Amenities at SKYCITY Wharf Casino Queenstown

The restaurant offering is unfortunate as the Wharf casino has only one restaurant. The Wild Thyme Restaurant has meal specials you can order for as much as NZ$10 for ten menu items. Even though there is only one choice where you can dine, you won’t get disappointed by the quality of the food it has to offer. Maybe they give one option just because Queenstown has a lot of others attractions and restaurants in this area you can choose from.

The restaurant has live entertainment almost every day. You can enjoy a variety of musical acts and different shows.

The overall picture of the casino is small and outdated, but with a lot of views. It needs a do-over, and I’m entirely sure SKYCITY won’t leave this one hanging out in the dry. When you see that the owner is relatively new, we can expect shortly something big to happen to this casino. Aside from that, you are going to feel the warm welcome every time you walk through those doors. The friendly, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere is its unique approach that’s loved by many New Zealanders.

Maybe the casino doesn’t come with so many extras, but the lakeside location comes with different attractions you can fully use. When you go outside and experience all the fun things that are happening, you are going to get the feeling that the whole experience is different and you would want to get back and get another taste of it. The casino itself comes as the cherry on top with all the other outside activities.

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Last Updated: December 30, 2022