Dunedin Casino Review

New Zealanders in Dunedin can easily say they have the most stylish casino that has been built on their land. You will think that someone picked the location very precisely to be easily accessible for all people who want to visit it. The Dunedin Casino is located in the Southern Cross Hotel right in the Exchange.

You can enjoy the breathtaking interior that features beautiful gaming rooms and different mosaic floors. It’s a combination of the old and new giving a beautiful blended mosaic for your eyes. The sweeping grand staircase will make you feel like you are in some of the award-winning movies. This staircase leads to the magical glass dome roof. When you first walk through those doors, you will feel the warm welcome of the hosts which is combined with first-class gaming.

What people love the most is the historical significance of the place. When you take that into your consideration and be able to enjoy in the surroundings, you will feel like you’ve found the perfect place to enjoy in all the fun and experience.

Dunedin Casino NZDunedin Casino Floor

Some say that the Dunedin Casino Games are just perfect for a regular person who loves fun and a great casino game. Others have mixed feeling about the offering saying that this is enough for the environment and location, but if this casino wants to be on the top, it has to do something more about the games offer.

New Zealanders can enjoy a total number of 12 gaming tables and 180 electronic games. This casino features all the games that you can think of. The classic games are there like Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Caribbean Stud Poker.

Those who want to be by themselves and enjoy playing electronic games, the gambling floor offers lucrative titles which you have met in some of the world-famous casinos.

The Amenities at Dunedin Casino

When you visit this place in New Zealand and ask a local person where to eat, he will quickly recommend you the Dunedin Casino. You don’t need to play games to have fun. The Grand Bar and Café within the casino will give you the opportunity to feed up your hunger with mouth-watering dishes. However, it’s not only your stomach that gets full. Your experience will be 100% fulfilled because your eyes will “eat” as well. The beautiful interior and view of the grand staircase will serve you like the best visual food.

When the waiter comes, ask him/her what the locals usually have. The prime rib, BBQ pork spare ribs, the Thai Beef Salad, are some of the meals you would want to enjoy it. Pay attention to the excellent offerings. There are lunch or meal menus that will give you everything you need for a meal. It’s not overpriced for a casino. You will usually pay NZ$10 for a lunch menu. If you are a club member, or if you want to become one, one of the benefits is that you are going to enjoy a 10% discount on the full-priced meals. If you're going to include the bonus points, you will receive up to 25% discount on your meal.

The casino is very clean and tidy. That’s the first thing that will come to your mind when you walk the first steps in the casino. The Bar is full, and the service is not so fast and kind, but this is only during “full-house.” The portions you will get are worth for their money, and it has a great atmosphere. All in all, you will have a pleasant experience.

The Dunedin Casino always has something going on. You can check its calendar before you plan to visit it. You will find various promotions and ways to stay entertained while you are there.

Dunedin Casino Dress Code

Smart neat attire is required at all times. Hey, you are going out on the town to live it up so put on some Sunday's best.

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Last Updated: December 30, 2022