Yggdrasil Gaming: Award Winning Software Provider

Named after a massive mythical tree in Norse mythology, Yggdrasil Gaming is an emerging powerhouse in the gaming industry. Self-labelled as an ‘established underdog’, Yggdrasil is moving ever forward, providing online and mobile casino games of the highest quality to some of the world’s biggest industry players.
Yggdrasil has won numerous awards since their establishment in 2013, including Innovator of the Year at both the 2017 and 2018 International Gaming Awards, as well as the Slot Provider of the Year at the EGR B2B awards in 2017. For such a young company, they have been consistently providing exciting new games and innovations, winning them much love from the online gambling community.

Yggdrasil Creative aesthetics

Part of what makes Yggdrasil games stand out is the incredible attention to detail they give to the graphics of each game. Every game has a unique theme with high-quality graphics and animations. While each game is different, Yggdrasil games all have a recognizable style. Their smooth and pleasing design makes them stand out among the hordes of pixelated slot games, allowing for a much more immersive experience. Their slots game ‘Easter Island’, for example, is hosted by two animated moai statues which keep the player entertained with jokes and comments throughout the game.

Narrative-driven gameplay

In a further step towards immersive entertainment, Yggdrasil games often have a creative storyline to ensure that the players keep playing. The slots game ‘Reptoids’ drops you into a world of alien conspiracies and espionage, encouraging you to keep playing to uncover government cover-ups and society scandals as you uncover the hidden world of reptiles running the country.

‘Jungle Books’ boasts five characters, each with their own environment and casino bonuses. Characters can visit each other’s environments to combine features, giving players a possible choice of 45 feature combinations and keeping them spinning the wheels to discover what else the game can offer them.

Branding opportunities

Yggdrasil has just partnered with Nitro Circus, the popular TV show in which famous extreme sports celebrities do all sorts of insane stunts, to create their first ever branded game. They will work with the brand’s co-founder and FMX competitor Travis Pastrana to develop their most action-packed game yet!

In-game promotional tools

Part of what makes Yggdrasil games so successful is their ability to keep the player engaged and excited so that they keep playing. As we’ve seen, one way they do this is to create engaging games, weaving narratives, aesthetics and interaction into an immersive experience. To ensure that players stay glued to the screen, Yggdrasil has developed their own in-game promotional tools.

While previous promotional tools were limited to free spins no deposit on sign up and the occasional tournament, Yggdrasil’s innovative ‘Boost’ system combines a host of different strategies to keep the players playing. In-game tournaments have been reimagined and incorporated so that players need not leave their seat to see the leaderboards. Missions have been added to further gamify the gambling experience and keep players interested. Yggdrasil have also developed an industry-first called ‘BRAG’, through which players can share their best results across their various social channels.

These have all been designed so that the operators have complete control over the promotional tools, allowing them to set parameters and to turn certain features on and off at will, or even to set them to run for a specific time-frame.

A new platform

Yggdrasil is the first major industry player to move to HTML5 and its leading client framework, iSENSE 2.0. This means that Yggdrasil games can function across all platforms, including smart mobile optimization that automatically chooses the best display for the device.

This platform provides the fastest loading times, as the software boasts the best loading algorithm in the industry, which gets you into the game as quickly as possible and downloads further data in the background while you play. It also boasts new software developments such as the Advanced Particle Engine, which improves the user interface and gives Yggdrasil the ability to create the slickest user interface on the market today. These innovations are what make Yggdrasil games stand out among the rest.

Yggdrasil table games

Yggdrasil is about to revolutionise the table games section of the online gaming industry with Sonya Blackjack. Yggdrasil will be using motion capturing technology to accurately mimic the real-life environment, creating the most immersive table game online experience to date. Sonya will be the first character to be introduced, but more are in development and will be added soon, each of them enhanced by 3D motion capture technology and able to interact with players in unique ways.

Blackjack will be the first table game released by Yggdrasil, but roulette and baccarat will be the next games to be added to their growing portfolio of table games. Online casinos in New Zealand will allow players to ‘sit’ at the table with other real-life players, creating a seamless and immersive environment for players to get lost in.

The use of new technology and the ability to play with other real-life players surely means that Yggdrasil’s table games will break new ground and establish them as one of the biggest gaming suppliers in the industry!

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Are Yggdrasil games safe and secure?
Yggdrasil’s Information Security Management System is audited every year by independent auditors to make sure that all your data is safe and secure.
How does Yggdrasil ensure that players gamble responsibly?
Yggdrasil makes sure that players are provided with all the information they need to make responsible decisions. Jackpot amounts are shown prominently so that players know what they are gambling for. There is also a reality check which is aimed at ensuring that each player knows how much they are betting and what their current balance is.

Last Updated: April 4, 2021