Playtech Live Casino Games

playtech live casino games

In recent years, live casino games have taken the world by storm. They provide a realistic casino experience, but all from the comfort of the players’ homes. The industry is highly competitive, with many online casino companies competing with new trends and technologies to create the most immersive live dealer games.

There is one live dealer casino software company that seems to stand out from the rest, and that's none other than Playtech. It's become a household name among online casino players, as the brand that creates the best games in the business.

Playtech is actually the biggest live casino game supplier in both Europe and Asia; so why Playtech? What makes them so popular and what’s set them apart from their competitors?

The Playtech Gaming Experience

playtech live dealer casinosWhile there are tons of live casino games around the internet and most of them look quite similar; mere replicas of each other.

Where Playtech really shines is in the finer details; they go the extra mile to provide an immersive and exciting gaming experience for players. By using a dynamic interface, HD cameras, and the latest technologies available, this supplier provides games that stay true to the authentic, brick-and-mortar casino experience, but with more fun.

With a wide variety of games to choose from, Playtech ensures that all players feel included. They are also continuously updating their range of interbational languages, providing Romanian, Spanish, English and Italian speaking dealers, to name just a few.

This way they ensure customers from all over the world are catered to and can enjoy this amazing live casino experience in their native tongue to feel comfortable.

The Best Technology on the market

playtech live dealer casinosIt’s quite obvious that staying ahead of the technological curve is an imperative ingredient for success in this industry. Playtech employs cutting edge technology, with Omni-channel live casino software. The company uses only top of the line HD cameras to ensure a realistic experience and fast streaming (as long as the player has a secure internet connection).

The whole facility runs every single day of the year for 24 hours a day, allowing players across the world to access their favourite games whenever they feel like it. Tools and services are continuously updated and the highest level of security technology is applied across all Playtech platforms.


The Riga Studio

In Feb 2017, Playtech opened their premises in Riga, Latvia. The huge, 8,500 square meter studio can be found in Riga’s central old town, and is the biggest live casino studio in the world!

This studio is where all the magic happens, game development to live streaming to customer support centres. There's even a live dealer training area where all new dealers undergo intensive training.

These latest premises focus on the future of live casino gaming, and was specially built to easily accommodate the very latest technology. The entire building is exceptionally secure too, fitted with hundreds of cameras and advanced biometric systems.

In addition to high levels of security, Playtech is very transparent with their operations in order to maintain trust between themselves, their clients and their players.

How Many Games Do They Provide?

Playtech is constantly adding new live dealer games to their repertoire, and their current selection leaves little to be desired as there truly is something for everyone. They have one of the biggest selections of the games in the industry. These games include:

The Most Professional Staff

playtech live dealersIn an industry such as live dealer casinos, the staff play a very important role, especially the dealers themselves. They are the face of the business and need to present themselves in a very professional manner while also being 100% present at all times in order to stay on top of what is happening in the game.

Playtech understands the importance of good dealers and invests heavily in their staff. Playtech has their very own training operation in Riga, where staff undergo intensive training to ensure that they are completely prepared for the job. Playtech currently employs over 500 dealers, speaking over 7 different languages. Staff also undergo performance assessments, and work in a goal-oriented environment.

Safe and Secure

The internet can be a scary place, but Playtech ensures that players enjoy a secure interface that is tightly monitored and free from hackers and online casino scams. Players themselves should note that they are monitored for any suspicious behaviour. It is obvious that the safety of players is Playtech’s top priority.

Playtech doesn’t just offer an extensive live casino games list, but a wide range of other games too. Check out the best Playtech real money casino for you where you can give them a go.

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Last Updated: November 10, 2020