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eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming and Regulation Assurance) is an independent organisation that aims to assess and regulate online gaming. This is highly beneficial for the online gaming community as it can be difficult to determine which websites are safe to use. Safety can be a major concern when playing games with real money, especially in large sums. The non-profit evaluates both online casino and poker websites in order to make sure that they are credible and offer an enjoyable gaming experience overall. eCogra operates by testing the functionality and services of the online gaming platform and then deciding if they are worthy of certification.

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The best part about eCogra is they have extremely stringent standards in terms of player protection, codes of conduct and fair game play. Moreover, the organisation’s independence means they have no authorities to influence their certification process for any unjustifiable or unfair reasons. eCogra is internationally recognised and has an important role to play for New Zealand based online casinos. There are a number of online casino sites that have been certified by eCogra. This allows for a trustworthy and ever-growing online gaming community to thrive from the comfort of their own home.

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eCOGRA Certification Process

The eCOGRA certification process can be considered an inconvenience for some casino site owners or software developers. However, it is well worth their time in the long run. If the site is certified, then it is much more likely to attract a high number of users.

The certification process begins by applying for certification. This can be done by following the guidelines provided on the eCOGRA website or contacting them if needs be. In summary, the process is divided into the following 7 stages:

  1. eCOGRA will review the application and assemble the necessary team to do the casino site evaluation and even travel to any necessary locations.
  2. A review process will commence onsite within 5 days. The casino site should ensure that its software and systems/casino are up to date.
  3. An interim report is constructed to be reviewed by eCogra’s management.
  4. A follow up reviewing of the site is done to further ensure compliance with eCOGRA criteria.
  5. A report is sent to eCogra’s Seal Compliance Committee, in other terms the certification committee.
  6. Certification is either granted or denied
  7. Annual reviewing occurs to ensure that the site still meets the criteria

These seven stages prove that the eCOGRA certification process is done in a credible manner. Moreover, there are two types of eCOGRA certifications known as either the software or casino certification. The software certification is characterised by having software developers create a good system that is designed to protect the players at all cost. Alternately, the casino certification means that the casino itself has branded itself as a site that is concerned with the eCograguidelines. The most trustworthy casino sites have both of these certifications. Ultimately, each certification is of equal importance. They promote security for the player on both an internal and external level.

eCOGRA ReportExample eCOGRA report

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Advantages of Playing with eCOGRA Certified Casinos

eCOGRA is recognised as the most credible online casino certification body. It is for this very reason that using eCOGRA certified casinos will provide you with the most enjoyable gaming experience. The advantages are endless. However, the best ones include knowing that the software and management behind the casino are constantly being regulated.  The games will not be rigged and any winnings will be genuine. Moreover, the player’s money will be safe and secure. eCOGRA certified casinos ensure that all money and transactions are handled effectively.

In addition to this, the casinos decide for themselves that they would like to be reviewed and regulated. This means that it is their own desire to be transparent and offer the best services for their users. Ultimately, any casino that works with eCOGRA is attempting to operate ethically and within the confines of the law. There may be instances where casinos without eCogra certification seem to be more inviting. They may offer deals or bonuses that are out of this world. However, this should be the red flag. These great deals and bonuses aren’t regulated and might even be a ploy to scam users.

eCOGRA and Software Providers

The relationship between software providers and eCOGRA is very similar to that which is held by the casinos. In other terms, the software providers also willingly apply to be reviewed by the eCOGRA certification team. This in turn suggests that the software providers have nothing to hide either. They undergo the exact same certification process as the casinos and will be held accountable for breaching any guidelines. It is for this very reason that the casino sites should make a conscious effort to understand exactly what their software providers are doing and how they are doing it. Using a credible software provider should be a top priority.

Along with the previously mentioned facts, eCOGRA approved casinos have had their published return rates checked. This in turn ensures that these rates are 100% credible. Moreover, the games are not allowed to have player return rates that are too low. As part of their criteria, eCOGRA has specific thresholds that are not allowed to be crossed by any means.

Bottom Line

In the grand scheme of things eCOGRA is renowned for ensuring that safe casino online gaming is fair and safe. The organisation maintains a very rigorous certification and regulation process. This means that any casino site and software provider that has been certified by eCOGRA is extremely trustworthy. Moreover, if for any reason a user has any concerns they can communicate them directly to eCOGRA. This means that the casinos cannot avoid users or get away with any dubious behavior. However, the casinos that apply to be certified by eCOGRA are the most transparent and honest in the industry. That is the only way to be provided with the certification in the first place. Ultimately, anybody who wishes to use online casinos should definitely be on the lookout for the sites with eCOGRA certifications. This will make your experience a safe and enjoyable one.


What is eCOGRA?
eCOGRA is a company that is formally known a eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, and was cofounded by Microgaming in 2003. Their goal as an independent company is to regulate online gaming. The gaming community clearly benefits from eCOGRA since it is their task to make sure websites are safe to use and online casinos are fair.
How does eCOGRA work?
eCOGRA works by testing the functionalities and services of online gambling establishments and ruling if they deserve an eCOGRA certificate. Since the organization is independent, they answer to no one and are not subject to influences from other companies or interest groups. If a casino receives an eCOGRA certificate, they are regarded as trustworthy and safe.
What is the eCOGRA certification process?
This is a process where online casinos or software developers apply to be eCOGRA certified. This can sometimes take long and be very inconvenient, but the casinos know certification process is well worth it, because after receiving this certification, they can advertise as a casino or software developer that has the player’s best interest in mind.
What are the advantages of playing at casinos with eCOGRA certification?
eCOGRA is easily the most credible certification authority when it comes to online casinos. This ensures that players will have a memorable gambling experience if they go with an eCOGRA-certified casino. eCOGRA certification makes sure that the casinos and software developers are audited and regulated on a regular basis, and that the games are fair and your money safe.
What is the relation between eCOGRA and software providers?
eCOGRA and software providers have a similar relationship as do online casinos and software providers. One needs the other to operate successfully, and software providers will undergo incredible scrutiny just to earn the certification. eCOGRA makes sure that online casinos use credible software providers.

Last Updated: October 18, 2023