The Secrets Of Online Gambling That No One Will Tell You

secret online gamblingOnline casinos are doing their best to attract as many players as they can. With the stiff competition among these casinos, it is best that you follow one that offers the best gaming products and bonuses in an attempt to reach the highest number of players daily. However, there is still much more that you need to know before you can start gambling at an online casino. There are some casino gambling secrets that no one will tell you and that is why we have decided to reveal it to you.

Understand the Odds, House Edge and Probabilities

Not all casino games have the same odd, house edge and probabilities.  Understanding how each of this works is the key to understanding all issues related to gambling that casinos don’t want you to know. It is therefore, important that you carefully think about what game to play and compare all the games. Also, note that some games have fixed odds, while others will allow you to reduce the house edge to a minimum using the right gaming techniques and skills.

Bonus Hunting

Online casinos do not want gamers that chase bonuses and only make deposits only when they come across a good bonus offer. Such players play games with an intention of making a positive result of the bonus. If you want to make a positive outcome out of the bonuses, you estimate the wagering condition of a bonus along with the expected value or the amount of money you could win or lose on average on the wagered amount while trying to meet the wagering requirement.  With time, the expected value of a bonus is positive meaning that you will increase you advantage over the casinos.

Roulette Wheel Imperfection

You will find such tools as the roulette electronic scoreboard placed on the screen. The board will show the last five to 20 numbers that were won.  Houses do this to show you what numbers were won and are overdue. Most players believe that they can use the scoreboard to guess the next winning number or the ones that are frequently won.  This way, they would use the right roulette systems and techniques as well device good gambling techniques. But the truth is the device works similar to a crystal ball. The game has a random number generator and the outcome of each spin is random.  The game doesn’t keep a record of what number was hit. The ball can hit zero many times or it might not land on the zero the entire day! As a matter of fact, the roulette scoreboard is imperfect and you should think about whether such tools are useful or not.

Play Games that will give you an edge

There are two types of casino games that are quite popular among online gamblers: slots and blackjack. While the two are quite popular, they are different in nature and in terms of winning probability.  When it comes to blackjack, the house has a 0.05% average edge. On the other hand, the casino edge on slots is 6%.  By looking at these figures, it is obvious that by using a good tactic, you can easily outwit the casino in blackjack rather than slots. This is something that will never be displayed on any gambling site.

Gambling Strategies

Casinos will always win if you do not use any strategies. But you can reduce the risks. It is important to note that there no such techniques to change mathematics expectation from the game.  The only way you can win is to obtain the bonuses and skillfully play them through (bonus hunting). However, even in this case, the win is not guaranteed. There is simply no gambling strategy that works 100% and casinos will not let you know this. Instead, they will welcome you and your betting strategy with open arms.

Last Updated: November 10, 2020