Fruit Fiesta


There is a great amount of fruit-based online casino slots out there. Fans of colourful games can choose from a wide variety of games that deal with apples and oranges, but also plums, pineapples, watermelons and plums in the case of Fruit Fiesta.

While the list of exciting and astounding fruit-based video slots is not too long, Fruit Fiesta is definitely part of that list. Microgaming has developed a vintage online gambling slot that has it all – Wilds, Scatters, multipliers and a progressive jackpot. You might be disappointed the game has no bonus game that would make it more appealing to players, but slots filled with fruit rarely do.

Fruit Fiesta

Gameplay & Features

The game has a bunch of fruit-based symbols, like plums, oranges, watermelons, pineapples, apples and lemons, and non-fruit based symbols like bells, sevens and bars, which you would expect from this kind of classic video slot. The game features a Wild symbol with the game’s title. It will substitute for all other symbols except for the Scatter symbol. This one is a colourful symbol that will award you with a nice payout if you can land 3 or more of those on the reels.

Landing 5 Wilds can award you with 9000x your line bet, while the Scatter pays 400x your total bet for landing 5 of them. It will not award any Free spins, because there aren’t any, just like there aren’t any bonus games.

Playing Tips

As above mentioned, landing 5 Wilds will pay out the most. Here you can see what each symbol pays out:

While Fruit Fiesta is missing appealing Free spins and other special bonus features, the progressive jackpot is the real goal of this game and the reason to play it, unless you are a straightforward fan of video slots and enjoy the casual spin of the reels. To crack the jackpot you need to land 5 Wild symbols on payline 15. You will additionally have to be the maximum amount of coin value to crack it, otherwise you are just looking for a decent payout.


The original game received an update with 2 additional reels that gives you way more chances to form winning combinations and way more chances at the jackpot. 15 paylines and 34 possible winning combinations give you enough chances to make some fine coin here, even if you don’t crack the jackpot.

No gamble feature, no free spins, no bonus features are just a few of the disadvantages in this game. The jackpot currently is not over a million, so you will have to wait some time until it is a lot more alluring, or just go with another of Microgaming’s attractive online slots that offer enormous progressive jackpots. In addition, the game play is rather a bit boring, providing no versatility

Our Take

If you enjoy the casual atmosphere of fruit-based video slots and don’t mind slots that have no bonuses but want to try your luck with the progressive jackpot and don’t mind checking out this game, go for it. To play the game simply click on one of the online casinos listed above or check out all the top online casinos on our site.


Fruit Fiesta FAQ

How many reels and paylines are there in Fruit Fiesta?
Fruit Fiesta has 5 reels and 15 paylines.
What is the advantage of playing Fruit Fiesta?
The advantage of playing this slot is that it includes a 5-figure progressive jackpot. Landing a combination of 5 Wilds or Scatters can add a 9000x and a 400x multiplier to your line bet, respectively.
How can I increase my chances of winning the Fruit Fiesta jackpot?
In order to win the 5-figure Fruit Fiesta progressive jackpot, players need to land 5 Fruit Fiesta logo Wild symbols across payline 15 and need to play the maximum bet.


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Last Updated: November 13, 2019