Multi-software Casinos

In the ever changing technology based gaming environment, a saturation point has been reached in terms of common availability between the various online based casino games providers available on the current market. The element which sets each of these providers apart, and hence allows for attraction of new customers into their environments, is the provider’s provision of what was also available at the previous gaming provider which the customer utilized, plus the addition of enhanced benefits which were not available at the new customer’s previous host of choice.

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There are currently hundreds of online gaming providers currently on the market, each having similar offerings but at the same time offering unique attraction concepts, such as in house progressive or player jackpots, as well as attractive sign-on bonuses for new players. Among the noticeable traits of most popular online gaming providers currently, is the availability and the provision of online slot machines from various developers or providers. The attractive nature of this offering is that it allows an online gamer to get an experience which does not limit them to a single series or set of games to play, and allows them to feel as if they are in physical casino due to the multiple offerings available.

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Games Versatility

In terms of online video slots, the availability and depth of offering are practically endless. One gets the feeling that playing in an online casino is as real as playing in a physical casino, just without the clutter and people traffic associated with physical establishments. Video slots are provided by a multitude of gaming providers, and some of the more popular game providers are the gaming houses of Aristocrat Slots, IGT, Konami Slots, and Bally Slots. What is amazing about slot provision online is that the form factor of the offerings vary from basic single, double, and three pay line slots with standard triple 7 or bar and cherry payouts, to more advanced offerings which offer 25, 30, 40 and 50 pay line options, as well as the ever popular line free slot screens, which pay out as long as pay symbols appear on consecutive reels starting at reel one.

For table game offerings, most good online casinos now offer both video play versions as well as virtual live casino options. The primary difference between these two is that with the virtual option, actual dealers appear and deal cards or spin roulette wheels for players to lay bets on. Most good casinos offer roulette, poker, and blackjack with the same odds and offerings as physical casinos.

Advantages of Instant Play Casinos

Whilst the initial concept and delivery model for online casinos used to centre on downloadable host software, there has been a distinct change in strategy and a paradigm shift to instant play online casinos which are web available in the past few years.

There a multitude of reasons for this change, with benefits easily noticeable for both the player and the casino host themselves. Among the benefits for the casino hosts are the ease of deployment or change rollout, in that casino players are not required to download and install fairly large pieces of software in order to be kept abreast of the latest updates available at their favourite online establishment. Web availability also allows online providers to deploy and integrate changes to their offerings, as well as security enhancements in real time, and also allows for easier integration of new and changed software being offered by the various game providers on their platform.

From a player perspective, availability and ease of access will always remain a vital attraction factor, and the availability of instant play online games will always be the favoured delivery mechanism in this regard. The argument is simple- a true casino player wants access to their slot or table game immediately, and will generally not want to wait for a download and installation process to be complete.

Appeal of Multi-software Casinos

The draw card or appeal of a multi software casino is instantly visible and noticeable to any avid online gambler. The basic element of this attraction is that the player is given a multitude of different games from a number of different providers. Key in this model is that the player will almost feel as if they are playing in a physical casino, as the availability of gaming is not limited to single or in house providers only.

The multi-software gaming platforms allows for a player to access virtually any online game they want from a single platform, at the exact time that they want to play. The variety of offerings means that players can choose from simple single line games, to complex multi-line games, as well as various table based games as well. Progressive and jackpot availability in these offerings are also attractive, and the commonality across platforms means that players are fairly aware of the offerings being made.

Players are kept interested and entertained with the ease of access and versatility of games on offer, and will largely have a fairly endless supply of gaming options whilst never having to change their point of access or gaming website for the duration of their play.


In conclusion, the advent and adoption of instant play multi software platforms by gaming providers is clearly advantageous to both players and the platform providers.

There are a multitude of purely online based, as well traditional casinos which also offer online platforms who have made the switch to instant play, multi-software gaming platforms. From a provider perspective, the purely technical reasons for this switch are apparent and they include the ability to deliver change and update almost in real time, as well as the ability to attract prospective players with much lower attraction times and as result having higher attraction rates. The provision of multi-software games allows for the casinos to offer a wider variety of games at all times.

From a player perspective, the advantage of instant play online casinos is clearly the immediate availability of access to the gaming environments, without the need for tedious software installation processes. The advantage of being provided access to multi-software gaming ensures that players have access to all their favourite games available from a single access point. Very simply, a player playing online in this type of environment will feel as if they are at their regular physical casino, and will never tire or become bored with the availability of offerings at hand.


What are multi-platform casinos?
Multi-platform online casinos are those particular online casinos that have licensing agreements with more than one gambling software provider and provide games from multiple game developers. With hundreds of software providers out there, both online casinos and players can choose from a variety of companies and games, which makes online gambling much more attractive.
What does games versatility mean?
A versatility in the offer of games a casino provides means that players can choose from a wide range of game developers and games alike. Video slots are especially interesting because there are many great software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Aristocrat, Betsoft, Bally Slots, and more, who create amazing slot games. Players do not have to play only one online slot, but can choose whichever provides the best entertainment.
What are the advantages of instant play casinos?
First of all, the greatest benefit of playing at instant play online casinos is that you do not have to download any software, making it easier for you and your mobile device or desktop PC. Furthermore, instant play offers players more content than apps, although the difference is sometimes minor, but sometimes playing using a web browser will get you additional perks. Access is way easier and instant play casinos offer more security due to their encryption methods.
What is the appeal of multi-software casinos?
It is easy to see why one would go with online casinos that employ multiple software providers. For one, players can access almost any online game from one platform at the same time. Another reason would be that players can choose to either play single line games or multiline games as well. The prospect of playing progressive slots is also another reason to go with more than just one software provider.
Are multi-software casinos the best choice for me?
Multi-software online casinos are definitely taking the world by storm. If you like to be able to access more than just one game at the same time, from more than just one software provider, than this is the way for you to go.

Last Updated: April 21, 2019