MGM Employees To Be Blamed For Non-Paying Wins

Every player goes to a casino hoping that he will be lucky to win a jackpot. What if you hit that jackpot icon and win a jackpot and then you are not paid? It’s terrible. You’ve already set your mind that your life has changed forever. You will live the kind of life you want- travel anywhere you want and do anything you want. I bet that’s a nightmare come true.


Can you imagine you’ve invested on a bet, but you are disqualified on the last minute of winning that jackpot following unforeseen technical issues? It’s annoying. Ask anyone who has ever experienced that.

It was unfortunate that this situation happened to one of the players from Prince George’s County in Maryland. This is none other than Cynthia Obie. She invested her hard-earned money in playing a slot at MGM National Harbor Casino. While playing, she was lucky enough to hit a jackpot icon worth several thousand dollars while he was playing slots.

What step did Cynthia take?

Cynthia decided to go and claim the jackpot to the casino. When she arrived, it came to her as a shock. She was told by the staff that she did not qualify to be paid such a significant amount of money on the ground that she was reported to owe a vast amount of money to the government in unpaid child support. They said that they had the legal right to confiscate that amount of money.

Cynthia denied the claims by saying that she never owed a single cent to any child support. Upon further investigation, it was found that it was MGM employees who mistaken while they were recording her social security number. Therefore, Cynthia was right to say she never owed any child support.

When the mistake was being discovered, guess what? It was too late.  However, she was advised to seek help from the Maryland Human Services Agency for her to be reinstated to be on good terms with the government.

On the side of MGM, they considered a bunch of free-drinks voucher and $200 bundle casino chips for it to compensate for the gross mishap. Cynthia claims to include Gaming Control Agency in the issue to help him resolve it with this non-paying casino. He added that MGM seems to be using this claim to cover their hurdles while the fact remains that it’s their employees who attempted to record wrong credentials in their system.

How community responded over the issue

MGM went ahead to Fox5 and claimed that Cynthia was not entitled to the amount. They added that if she had provided enough proof to the Maryland Gaming Commission, her money that she won when the jackpot hit could have been credited to her account.

The issue was aired until the community members knew that Cynthia was not paid. After there, many responses sparked and the outcry spread. The community members said that the Casino was on the wrong side. The reason is that their staffs are the ones who entered the incorrect details. They said that Cynthia’s efforts of enjoying her night out should be rewarded.

The odds are sure that the casino lover never expected this to happen to her. Instead, she had seen a turning point in life. She knew that she would travel the world. Live the life she has been yearning for. Own that luxurious mansion near the ocean to witness whales jumping from the water or on the mountain to view the beautiful trees and buildings. We guess she wished to drive the best car she could dream.

Unfortunately, MGM went ahead and altered Cynthia’s dream. Otherwise, they are to be blamed for their mistake and consider her.

Last Updated: July 7, 2019