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Craps On the WebCraps is one of the most popular table games. If you walk into a live casino anywhere in the world, crowds gather around Craps table cheering, laughing and cursing as the dice roll on the table. Also featuring in many popular films including but not limited to: Indecent proposal, Ocean 11 ,Casino & The Cooler.
The game of Craps is an iconic casino game because it has a low house advantage, high stakes and a fast pace.  Playing Craps online is also fast becoming a New Zealanders favourite for online casino fans because of its inherent speed, bonuses and action packed gameplay.

Rules and Gameplay

Aside from being the most fun, Craps is also possibly the most complicated casino games, with quite a few rules to keep in mind. The basic concept is that players will bet on their dice rolls, rolling two dice at a time. The game is played in two rounds, the Come Out and the Point round and the betting on these will be explained in the betting section below.

The game plays quite a bit differently in live and online casinos. In a live casino many players can play at the same table, taking turns in shooting Craps. Real dice are used, making the staff have to inspect them on a regular basis and forcing the players to throw the dice in the correct way.

To play Craps online, all you need to do is:

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If you bet the Pass Line, you will start playing by rolling the Come Out round. If you roll 2, 3 or 12, which are called Craps, you will have Crapped Out and will have lost your bet, ending the round. If you roll 7 or 11, called Naturals, you will have won your Pass line bets and will have doubled your bet, ending the round. If you roll 4,5,6,8,9 or 10, this number will become The Point and you will get to roll again until you either roll this number again, doubling the bet or you roll seven, losing your bet.

If you do end up rolling a Point, you may pick to bet that you will make The Point before the seven once more, with odds being different depending on which Point you rolled. The odds on this bet are 2:1 if The Point is 4 or 10, 3:2 if The Point is 5 or 9, and 6:5 if The Point is 6 or 8.

If you bet the Don’t Pass Line, things will basically be reversed. If you roll 2,3 or 12, you double your bet. If you roll 7 or 11 you lose your bet and the other numbers become The Point. If you roll The Point, you will need to roll 7 before you roll The Point again in order to win.

Even before you roll your first dice and also after The Point is rolled, additional Proposition Bets can be made to juice up the action and give yourself additional ways of winning. You can bet for instance on the exact two dice you will roll or the exact overall dice score to be rolled next.

To find out more details about the betting in Craps, including the Proposition Betting and other bets in Craps, check out our online Craps betting and strategy guide.

How are the odds?

When taken as a whole, the house edge in the game of Craps is about 1.40%. This means about 98.60% of the money invested is returned to the players over the course of the long term. This is of course a very broad statement, as there are multiple ways to bet in Craps and just for you, we have prepared a more detailed guide regarding the particular odds and house edges in online Craps, which you can take a look at right here.

The best odds craps bets are the Pass Line Bet and the Come Bet.

Game Variations

When playing Craps online, depending on the online casino in New Zealand you choose, you may be offered multiple Craps tables with some possible changes in the rules. That said, most Craps games that you can find in online casinos are very similar as there is little variation that can be introduced to keep the game profitable for the casinos.

Of course, every major online gaming software provider has their own versions of Craps available, and picking different casinos from our list will give you a slightly different experience in terms of graphics, audio and general gameplay.

Our Say on Craps

Online Craps are probably the most fun online casino game you can play and one that will offer more decision making and excitement than most others. If you are a gambler at heart or just want to have some fun with your friends, then online Craps is the game for you.

To get started playing online Craps, all you need to do is pick a casino from our list and sign up for their fat juicy bonus. Once the money is in your account, start up a Craps table and enjoy rolling the dice and keep rolling those Naturals.

Online Craps Casino FAQ

What is craps?
Craps is a very exciting game that can also be equally intimidating. There is an almost endless number of bets players can make. And while it often seems very confusing when you look how money moves around the table and especially if you don’t know the terms or the rules, craps is still one of the most popular games, mostly because of the very good odds players have.
How is craps played?
While it looks very exhilarating on TV and in the movies, craps is definitely one of the more complicated casino games. The game is basically played in 2 rounds, a Come Out and Point round, where players bet on their own dice rolls, rolling 2 dice concurrently.
What is the difference between live craps and online craps?
Just like online roulette or online blackjack, online craps is a game that is played solo – the dealer, or in this case, the croupier is a computer program and the results of the game depend on the random number software. Online craps usually tend to move faster because players don’t have to wait for others to make their move.
What are the odds in craps?
Craps have a very low house edge, about 1.40%. This basically means that the RTP rate in craps is 98.60%, which are great odds for players in the long run. There are, of course, multiple ways to place bets in craps.
How do I play craps online?
In order to play craps online, players simply need to find an online casino that offers craps and sign up. Then they need to find an online craps table. They can then place a Pass, Don’t Pass or Proposition bet. Then all they have to do is get the dice rolling and hope for the best of luck. There are numerous online casinos that offer online craps, along with generous deposit bonuses.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2020