Everything You Wanted to Know to Start Playing

Guide bookIn the world of online gambling, almost every day there are players completely new to the experience. This article is intended for these players who may find the things that experienced players see as simple and self-explanatory as somewhat confusing.

Although online casinos do everything they can to make the process as simple as possible, there are still certain unavoidable steps that could scare newcomers.

Account Registration

Guide iconThe very first thing you need to do to start your online gambling adventure is signing up with the casino of your choice. There is a wealth of resources on this page that should help you find just the right casino for you, especially if you are a New Zealand player (although a bulk of advice will be useful to players from all over the world).

When registering with an online casino, very often there will be two steps to the process. First, you will register for a demo account and on this step you will only need to provide your name, surname, and an email address, and input your user name (Casino Alias). In most instances, you will receive an email, requiring you to confirm your registration, and by clicking the link provided in that email, you will activate your account and be given access to "fun play" features. At this point, you are still not able to deposit or play with real money.
The next thing you need to do is complete your account registration by going to the Cashier or My Account section and filling all the required fields. Usually, these will be your date of birth, your country, state, street address, and phone number.

If you are registering with Casino.com, one of our top choices, you will be required to provide all of these details immediately, so once you create your account, it will immediately be ready for real money deposits. One thing you need to be mindful of is to fill out all the info correctly because sometimes it can be a bit tricky to change this afterwards.
Royal Vegas, on the other hand, will only require the very basic info and for you to accept their Terms & Conditions. Everything else will be added later, once you log in and decide you are ready to start playing for real.

Downloading Casino Software

Download iconMany casinos offer their own dedicated software for players to enjoy. By downloading and installing the software, you will have a full access to all of the casino games and sometimes there will even be some special perks for those who install.
Although the process is usually as straightforward as it gets, it can be a bit confusing or scary for new players. You begin by clicking a download button or link, which is usually very easy to locate on the casino page. After that, you will download a file which you need to install on your device, just like any other software out there.

Due to certain parts of code and procedures implemented in most online casino software, your anti-virus may recognize it as a malicious program. As long as you are certain you are downloading from a safe location, which covers all casinos reviewed on this page, you are safe and can disregard this warning. The software most certainly does not contain any malicious code and is not trying to steal your information; if necessary, just disable the AV until the installation completes and then turn it back on. Thousands of people download and install online casinos every day and if there was anything sinister about any of major providers, we would have heard about it by now.
For more information on this and related topic check out our casino security article to fully put your mind at ease.

Instant Play: Flash Casinos

play iconIf you are not a fan of downloading the software, be it because of security concerns or any other reason, most online casinos these days also offer the possibility of instant play via their flash page. This is a great alternative to downloading the full casino, as most games will be available and there are almost no downsides to playing using this method.
You can access a flash casino version via the casino's main page, where you log in using the user name and password combination you've created earlier, and you will be ready to play in a matter of seconds.
To find out more information about advantages and disadvantages of playing flash casinos as opposed to playing using downloaded software, check out our informative article on this particular topic.

How to: Depositing Money

Deposit iconTo be able to fully experience an online casino, you will need to fund your account with some real money. Save from a few no deposit bonuses you can pick up along the way, this is the only way to get in a position where you can win some real money.
Depositing money is what many new players are really uncertain about. This fear is not strange or unnatural, since we are talking about real money here and it is normal for people to be concerned about it.

If you are afraid of sharing your credit card information with an online casino (although the big ones are as safe as it gets) you can always deposit using one of the many e-wallets. Neteller and PayPal are among the most popular choices for New Zealand players. For those who don't have any of these and don't want to use the bank cards, there are POLi payments and paysafecards.
There are many ways to deposit money and some of them will make you feel safer than the others and will address some of the most common concerns. More details about pros and cons of particular deposit methods can be found in this article.

How to: Finding Your Way Around Casino

Find iconOnce you've been through all the steps above, you should have your account ready and funded, and it is time to have some fun. Unlike some other things that may confuse a new player, navigating any online casino is very simple. Once you've registered with a few casinos, you will notice that the lobby structure is usually very similar and casinos do this on purpose. The last thing they want to do is confuse or frustrate their players.

For the most part, casino lobbies are split in a few parts, like: slots, table games, live casino (if offered), video poker, and other games. There are some exceptions to this rule, but these small differences will not represent an obstacle to you finding your way around and locating the games you look for.
On Euro Palace, for example, the lobby is divided into seven quite self-explanatory sections:

Interestingly enough, although there is a Live Casino on Euro Palace, it is not featured like on Casino.com, but instead, live games can be found in the Table Games lobby.

How to: Dealing With Support

Support iconOnline casino support can be one of its finest points but it can also be quite a headache. While your experience in this regard will mostly depend on the experience and competence of the support staff, there are some things you can do to make the life easier.

First of all, the live support, as nice as it is to have around the clock, usually cannot help you with more serious matters. They are there to help and guide with some simple issues and assist you with some less demanding queries. If you have a question that they can't give an answer to, don't waste your time trying to somehow squeeze it out of them. Simply ask them to refer you to someone who can address your concerns properly.
Phone support can be much more helpful, especially if you have something that needs to be resolved quickly. Since many casinos offer toll-free numbers for New Zealand players, don't be shy to use them when necessary - after all, it's what they do.

For less pressing issues, you can always send in an email to the relevant department and this should get you the best response, although you will have to wait a day or two to hear back from the casino. To make sure your mail doesn't get lost or overlooked, you can always notify the live support about it, so it stays on their radar.
If you need more good tips and information about this topic, check out our casino support article.

Miscellaneous Questions and Concerns

Guides iconHopefully, this article answers most questions any beginner player might have and also offers a lot of other useful resources to guide you in your online casino adventure.
If there are still some questions that you feel were not answered here, make sure to check our FAQ section, where we deal with some of the most common players' questions, like how to find a good casino, what's the situation with legality of online gambling, etc.

When gambling, you should primarily stay safe and secure. For more tips on the questions like fairness of online casinos, gambling addiction, and much more, visit our Responsible Gaming page. If you are wondering how and why are certain casinos listed on our site and others are not, visit our Online Casino Reviews section to find out what are the factors we take into consideration when deciding if a casino should or shouldn't appear on our site.

Last Updated: September 26, 2018